Finding Affiliate Products To Promote

I am going to show you where to find products to promote.  And the best Affiliate Marketing Programs and marketplaces that are available.

Next, you will learn about product selection criteria, and how to select the right product to promote.

And finally, I am going to show you the formula to determine which affiliate program is the most profitable program.

Keep in mind there are hundreds of affiliate programs, I am just concentrating on three that can be used for internet marketing.

Finding Affiliate Products To Promote

Let’s talk about the best marketplaces to find affiliate products to promote.

There are 3 marketplaces that you can go for.

The first marketplace is  

ClickBank is one of the largest digital products marketplaces.  They are among the Top Ten Affiliate Marketing Companies and offer many of the Best Affiliate Marketing Products.

ClickBank is the best for niche products like health and self-help niches.  So, if you are interested in these niches, choose ClickBank!

The second marketplace is and its products are mainly in internet marketing niche especially software products, so if you want to promote software product then JvZoo is the best choice.

The last one is and this marketplace is for internet marketing niche only and how to make money online, so if you want to promote a product about making money fast, generate and FaceBook ads then this is the perfect marketplace.

What’s great about JvZoo and WarriorPlus is that you get your commission through PayPal, unlike ClickBank where they send you a check so you have to wait a long time to receive payment.

One of the keys to making money selling affiliate products is promoting the right stuff.  Check out the 3 main factors to consider in this video, when choosing products on the ClickBank Marketplace.

Always try to find the Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Program.

Finding the Best Affiliate Products to Promote on Clickbank

Clickbank Promo Tools

So how do you choose affiliate products?

Normally what I do is when I consider promoting affiliate products is that I will always look through to find out if it follows my 7 .

The first thing I look for is the commission percentage.  It has to be at least 50% because any less than that won’t be worth my time and effort to promote. Internet marketing products easily offers commission up to 100% so I don’t see the reason why you aim your commission less than 50%.

Simply said, My time is very precious, so is yours.

The second criteria it must have is EPC must to be a dollar or above.  If you don’t know what EPC is, EPC stands for Earnings Per Click and I am going elaborate that in a short while, however just know that when you consider promoting something you generally looking for something that generates at least a dollar above per click.

Any less than that means the product is not selling.  Do not waste your time on it.

The third criteria to look up for is the product’s offer must have at least 1 upsell, preferably more, so you can generate more affiliate commissions as more upsells, usually generates more EPCs.

The fourth criteria I look for is the quality of the product.

How we determine it’s quality is just by following the above 3 criteria, that’s it.  Or you can choose to check the product out yourself by purchasing it or request from the vendor himself.

Quality is important because if the quality is bad people will refund their money.

Demand is very important as well if people are buying the product that means it is in demand. This is the fifth criteria for product selection

The sixth criteria will be Sales copy if the sales copy doesn’t look very well I really don’t go for it, so if the sales copy doesn’t convince you to buy don’t promote the product.

Last but not least is the promotional tools the vendor provides. For me, I look for at least email and banner samples because these will save your time without having to write your own emails from scratch, or create your own banner.

You have heard a lot about EPC by now but you still have no idea what it means, especially if you are still new to internet marketing.

EPC stands for Earnings Per Click, it’s the average earnings of each click that you send to the vendor’s website.
So how do you actually calculate EPC?

Here is an example:
You sent 100 clicks to the vendor’s website and from this 100 clicks you have 4 bought a product worth $50, Hence, you earned $200, correct?
So with this formula sale divided by a number of clicks so $200 divided by 100 clicks, that’s a 2 .
So your EPC now is 2 dollars

Here is another example:
You sent 300 clicks to the vendor’s website and 8 of them made a purchase of a $100 product so you have $800 ok?
So with the divided by a number of clicks so $800 divided by 300 clicks, that’s a 2.67 . that’s mean every click you send is worth 2.67 dollars

In a nutshell, the higher the EPC the more commission you make from the promotion effort and that’s obviously a good thing.
I don’t promote anything below a dollar, if I get more than $2 that’s meaning I am doing good.

However, this does not mean you have or you must drive random because there are affiliates who drive untargeted traffic and you shouldn’t do that, all traffic must be targeted.

I am sure you are aware by now that there are price points for front end offers, they can go anywhere from as low as $7 all the way up to $2000 and possibly higher, so how do you decide whether it’s worth your time promoting?

What I look is the commission structure, for example, if the product is low-price like 7 to 12 dollars I expect to be paid no less than 100% commission because earning 75% commission on $7 doesn’t make sense, I expect 100% commission over here.

And If the product is selling anywhere from $17 to $27 I would be looking at 75%, and anything above $37 I expect 50% commission payout.
So now you know where this is going.

These prices would usually have a high EPC and it means that the product is worth promoting, of course, I don’t suggest you always promote low-ticket products because low-ticket products won’t make you a whole lot of money.  Meaning you will have to promote and sell more niche products

So sometimes you have to promote higher price affiliate products so you can generate more money.

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