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Do you want to be in the majority of internet marketers who are trying to sell affiliate productsbut have made very little money at it? Well, there are several major mistakes that most people make, so here is an affiliate internet marketing tip – actually, several of them.

The Number 1 Mistake

Trying to sell too many at once.

Many newbs, (me included), after they ‘discover’ , think that they just have to sell everything. It’s there, it’s already done, all I have to do is put up a blog or a website and start selling. You will quickly will find out that people are not just going to be coming to your site and clicking on your affiliate links and buying a product – just because its there.

A few years ago you had a fairly good chance of getting a good click through ratio. There were less internet marketers, and much less savvy potential customers. Now, after having every copy-writing trick in the book thrown at them, time after time, the audience for a particular product easily sees through these techniques.

On one hand, there is always somebody new to all this who wants to find a certain kind of information. But still, if they look around a bit, they are going to go with a site that they feel is trustworthy.

Master – One Product At A Time.

Contact the seller and establish a relationship with them. Make sure you have looked over the product you want to sell and feel really good about it. Are you happy with their sales page and promotional materials? If not, feel free to add your own personal touches. Just because they may have a generous commission, it doesn’t mean that the product is worth putting your time and effort into. Since your customer will end up dealing with the marketer, if there are any problems, how well do they handle customer relations?

Is there a genuine market for this product? How large or small is the market? A well put together product package can sell very well in a smaller market, so don’t let smaller market discourage you. Whereas in a large market you will have a lot of competition, but there is also money to be made there. You just need to drill down into it.

Are you pre-selling the product? Have you written any articles and or honest reviews. What are the benefits and drawbacks to this particular product? If your customer trusts you once and you come through for them, they are more likely to come back and purchase something else from you.

Another solid affiliate marketing tip is to offer your own bonuses. Find something extra that would entice a person to click on your affiliate link rather than someone else’s.

Are you managing your marketing campaign correctly. Are you using keywords that are performing well. If not, change them. Are you watching your click through rate? You must learn how to analyze what is working or not in internet marketing, or you will wind up losing money fast, particularly if you are using PPC – pay per click.

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Test different Strategies.

How long are people staying on your landing page and or website, how many click throughs? Where are they coming from? Is it from one of your articles? Through your pay per click campaign?

Don’t just settle on one marketing technique to decide whether this is a pass or fail effort. Sometimes, with just a few tweaks, a product will dramatically increase in sales.

Keep in mind that there is always somebody else who is hungry to make some money, so you have to give it all you got, and then add a bit more.

Make sure you capture mailing addresses. Why let someone else reap the benefits of all your hard work. There is good money to be made from having your own mailing list.

Do you have follow up products? If someone buys a video about Dog Training, maybe they will be interested in buying a leash or a particular toy. What to speak of dog grooming supplies and other necessities.

Affiliate Marketing 101 Video

Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest ways to make money online. For a few dollars, anyone can buy a URL and start a blog or website. By placing the right links on those websites, it’s possible to make anywhere from a few dollars a month to six-figure incomes or more.

Before you start, however, it’s important to learn the basics of the business. By understanding some of the fundamentals, such as terminology and functions, you’ll have the foundation to make the decisions to build the type of that suits your interests and skills

Invest in Yourself

Make sure you keep up with the changes in the marketplace. The knowledge and marketing strategies you are using today can quickly become passe’. You cannot just kick back once you have achieved a bit of success. Otherwise you will be left in someone else’s dust. The internet market, its trends and techniques and tricks are ever changing, so be sure to keep on top of them.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, just take one affiliate internet marketing tip at a time and work at it. If you keep at it, you will learn and earn, I promise.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

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