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I wish I could tell you that anyone can succeed in . But it’s simply not true.

There are some people I speak with and I start thinking to myself, “Good grief! What are they doing in this industry?”

Not many marketers will tell you that, to be honest. They want you to believe that anyone can do it because if they said the truth – well then you might not buy things from them.

Me? I’d rather weed out the people not right for this, and sleep well at night knowing I hadn’t wasted anyone’s time. So let’s see where you fall in the realm of being a good fit (or not) for an career.

Are Your Right For ?

Internet Marketing

Sorry, There are People Who Just Aren’t Cut Out for Internet Marketing

I don’t want you to see one thing on this list that you feel applies to you and exit out all despondent. Just because you meet one or more of these items doesn’t mean it’s hopeless – it just means you have two options – change your ways and make progress or quit.

Here are the people who I feel are not right for Internet Marketing, and here’s why:

People Who Are Desperate

Desperation causes people to make big mistakes. When you’re desperate, your mind is cluttered with anxiety – you’re not thinking straight. You buy info products on a whim because of promises of fast cash. You agree to do things that are less than ethical “just until you put food on the table.”

I say if you’re desperate – if the mortgage company just said you have 60 days to get out – then go out in the real world and get any job possible to make ends meet until the edge is off.

Internet marketing is not the place to start when you need to make money fast. Now it IS a place to make money fast – but not until you’ve built up a reputation and business and can leverage that for some quick cash influx. But that takes time to develop.

There are cases where desperation lights a fire under your butt and makes you turn into a go-getter – and that can be a positive thing. But for many, it’s what causes chaos and panic, and leads to bad decisions.

People Who Don’t Have a Conscience

Every day I see unethical people getting wiped out of the Internet marketing world. I always feel like it’s such a waste. Instead of using your talent for SEO (search engine optimization) to help educate people or build a helpful website and rank it high, these people take their skills and “game the system” to earn as much money as they can until they get the ax from Google.

If you lack ethics, then not only will your systems eventually crumble (assuming you’d like to be in this long-term) but your reputation will be permanently damaged as well, causing you to come back under a pen name – until someone finds out and outs you – which they usually manage to do.

Think you won’t get caught? Stop by and visit a little site called Salty Droid when you have time to spare one day and see how he chews up scumbag marketers and spits them out.

If you start this career with your morals lagging, expect to have your very own blog post there one day. How would that make you feel?

People Who Are Lazy

I’m a fairly lazy person, I’ll admit that. But that’s only when it comes to tasks that I hate. I have a passion for my business, so there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t log in and check it or manage it somehow.

Internet marketing requires a lot of:

  • Networking with others
  • Socializing online
  • Researching and continuing education
  • Learning how to use new tools
  • Technical task set-up
  • Brainstorming and idea formulation
  • Hands-on customer service
  • The practice of talent and skills

If you’re unable or unwilling to do these things, then Internet Marketing won’t pan out. You’re going to start out solo or without a team – so you’re going to have to dig in all the time and be prepared to almost become an addict to your business.

People Who are Whiners

Whiners just drain the life out of everybody. But when you do it in regards to launching your own , you’re not going to have anyone countering your negativity very long.

If you do manage to get someone to try motivating you, they’re not going to stick around a long time if you don’t snap out of it. Ask yourself if you continually whine about other people or what all you have to do today.

Look at your Facebook, for example. Are you a ‘Negative Nelly’? All doom and gloom? Or do you have a positive outlook about each day?

Think of companies that have good teamwork. You don’t see a manager going in cracking a whip and being blah with people. Instead, they have meetings and motivate and uplift their team to succeed.

YOU have to be that person for yourself. No one else can do it for you.

People Who Need a Keeper

I’ll admit that when I worked in a regular offline job, I slacked off as much as I could. I still got all my work done, but I sure didn’t go above and beyond.

As a business owner though, I put my nose to the grindstone and get things done each and every day!

Some people need to have another person tell them to do this, do that. You might be that type of personality. Internet marketing really requires you to be a self-starter.

I can’t tell you how many people email me asking what they should do that day. Everyone’s different! You have to figure that out on your own because no two journeys will be identical.

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People Who Start, then Quit Internet Marketing

There are many people who start and quit their Internet marketing efforts. You can’t be a quitter. I listened to something so inspiring today by Tony Robbins that I want to share with you.

Tony said that people who are serious are like this:

Do you want to take over an island? Burn the boats when you arrive. That way there’s no choice but to succeed – you won’t be leaving the island.

Quitters always seem to have that safety net or that mindset that “if this doesn’t work…then…” Failure can’t be an option or you won’t succeed!

You have to understand that you’re going to have a lot of fears at first. Most people do – not everyone. Other people see this as an exciting adventure. But fear is natural in any undertaking.

What are you going to be afraid of?

  • Calling yourself an expert or leader. Who are you to label yourself like that?
  • Approaching other people for partnerships. Why would they want you?
  • Claiming your products are good. What if others don’t think so?
  • Pursuing when everyone’s always assumed you’d fail. Your past will haunt you!
  • People will make fun of you. Your appearance, your voice, your talent – all up for scrutiny by others.
  • Picking the wrong niche or business model. You wish someone would just choose for you.
  • Working with technical things. It can all be so confusing that you fear you’ll never “get it.”

All of these feelings are normal. And I can assure you that even those internet millionaires get mired down in fear, too.

I’ve been on the phone with them as they’re frantic about a launch or who will promote them or how it will be received. It shocked me that they worried – I thought they exuded such confidence.

Fear and I realize that almost everyone suffers from it – even if you nickname it “perfectionism” or “procrastination” – it really just means you’re worried about moving forward.

One thing I want to stress is that if you go through this series of articles and decide Internet marketing isn’t right for you, that’s okay, too! It doesn’t mean you whine or are a quitter or are unethical.

It just means you now know what the job entails and feel it wouldn’t be a good match for you. That’s the smart way to go about finding career fulfillment – being honest with yourself when taking on Internet Marketing as a career choice.


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