Tips To Build A Website Part 1 – Keywords

This series applies the basics to building both websites and blogs, so let’s just jump into it.

Build A Website  – First Figure Out Your

Let’s face it, if you are interested in making money at internet marketing you need to find the right . But I don’t recommend jumping in with the big dogs if you are just starting out. You can, and most likely will, end up becoming discouraged when your competing with people who have been at it for years.

Let The Search Engine Be Your Best Friend

So start with something you know about or have properly researched.

Following the old adage, ‘look before you leap’, will serve you well in the short, and long run

Build A Website  – Choosing Your

Probably the most important thing to remember is not to just pick put some cutesy .

Do a keyword search in Google, or if you have a good keyword tool, put in your and see what people are searching for.  You may have the cleverest name in the world but if no one is looking for it who’s going to find your site among the hundreds of millions of websites out there.

Don’t just go after the keywords with the biggest searches.

You can be assured that is exactly what most people have already targeted. Instead, go after medium to that fit what your website is going to be about.

Be sure to pick out a few different keywords and write them down.

How To Build A Website with WordPress Video

Click Here For A Great Tutorial On How To Build A Website And Blog Successfully

Build A Website  – The Next Step is to Do a Domain Search

Here is where you begin to find out what you are really up against. Name after name will be taken, especially the short ones.

You can go here to do a free domain search. Just Click on ‘Domain Search’ in the toolbar

Understand that not every name that is take actually has a website made for it. There are some sharp people out there who buy up domain names, and then re-sell them to other people, sometimes at a great profit.

Some domain searching companies offer you domain name alternatives to help you out a bit, so be sure to look at them.

Don’t be afraid to put simple words in front or at the end of your keyword phrase.

For instance ‘internet marketing’. Try ‘internet marketing store’, or ‘best internet marketing’. Just figure out several combination’s until you find one that feels right to you.

Free PositiveSSL and WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase

The Extension

The extension most people want is .com. But don’t be afraid to use .net, .org, or even .info, if the name you want is available.

You will often find many website that have the top rankings in the search engines that are not .com. Because the final criteria for your website is quality. That is what the search engines are ultimately looking for.

Having your main keyword as part of the name of your website gives you an edge.

And your going to need every edge you can get if you want to become successful in internet marketing.

If you already have a program to build websites be sure to check out Market Samurai to ensure that your learning curve will progress quickly and your efforts will not be wasted.

Be Fearless
Karen Fields

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