Part 4 – Quality Matters

How smart do you think you are?

Well, when it comes to the internet and internet marketing, you better get smart quick and understand that ‘Quality Matters’.

When I’m writing an article or putting together a website, I always put myself in the shoes of the other person looking for information about a particular subject. Its a fairly simple proposition really.

When Building Your Website Always Keep In Mind That Content is King and Quality Matters!

When you are looking for whatever on the internet, do you want to stay on a site that looks amateurish, do you want to read articles that read like they were spun out by an article writing program, full of gibberish, which essentially tells you nothing.

I don’t think so, and you will quickly leave the site, never to return.

Build A Website – Get Some Fresh Eyes To Evaluate Your Site

So it is important that you are able to step back from your website and take a hard look at it. When you think you have it just right, let some friends look at it and critique it.

Just listen, don’t argue. Get a fresh, honest perspective.

If X amount of people have a similar critique, you shouldn’t just think that it is something they are all wrong about.

Even the best professionals have editors that go over and correct their work.

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Build A Website – Improve Your

In getting good , one of the criteria is how long a person, or people,  in general stay on your site. Its called your ‘bounce rate’. If someone clicks on a link to go to your web page and then they quickly click away, the take note of this, because it suggests a site that does not contain the quality information that people are looking for.

Also watch out for adding too many flashy bells and whistles when designing your web pages. If your website doesn’t load fairly quickly in an internet browser, the take that into consideration, and generally, it will hurt your organic rankings.

What this means is that it is unlikely that your site will ever be on the first few pages of organic search engine results, whenever anyone does a search for keywords that you may be using.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you think, it only matters what your readers and think.

So be smart, build up a brain trust of people who will honestly let you know what they think, and always remember, especially when you build a website that… ‘Quality Matters’.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

 After You Build A Website, Creating Good, Quality Content Has Never Been Easier

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