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The internet is full of hundreds of millions of domain names. And with over 200 new domain extensions becoming available in the last few years, this only continues to escalate. Most domains are registered for a variety of different reasons, many are not renewed when they expire.

Traffic acquisition is one of the biggest challenges for a new website. Because building legitimate traffic takes time and spending money helps.

How does this work?

Webmasters who want to get traffic from will have to invest a lot of time in link-building, SEO, and content creation.

They will need to spend hundreds of dollars or more, to get traffic via a pay-per-click program if they wish to use a high-demand keyword.

But, there is an alternative option that webmasters can use to get lots of traffic without spending too much time or money.

This involves buying . Expiring domains are generally quite easy to find.

What is an expired domain?

Expired domains are those that have been taken down by the owner, but may still be available for purchase.

It could be due to disinterest in the original site, lack of funds, or something more serious like the death of an owner.

No matter what reason, are still available in cyberspace functioning as any other domain.

Companies often use these domains as a way of preserving their brands and diverting potential customers to a new site.

This realization has been recognized by many domain name companies. Many of them sell expired domain names through either an upfront, regular sale, or via an expired domain auction.

These domain names are available for as little as $10 up to more than $1 million. A website may be included in some of these domain sales.

How to determine if a domain name that is already expired is worth purchasing?

They will first need to check with Google or use a domain program/company to check on the page rank for an expired domain.

It is important to make sure the domain name has not been banned or delisted by the . Webmasters should also check the Alexa rating for an expired domain.

It should not be an issue, but you must also consider the actual page rank. An Alexa rating is a measure of how much traffic has been sent to a domain. An Alexa rating will not be given to a website that hasn’t received significant traffic.

Consider purchasing the expired domain name if the number is between 6-10. You should also check to see how many websites link to the expired domain. Are the links legitimate or spam?

This is done by entering the command link: followed closely by the URL for the expired domain into a search engine.

If there are many links returned, it is an indication that traffic to the domain name has come from legal sources

How Can You Get Traffic From Expired Domains?

How many times have you heard that you can’t get traffic from expired domain names?

Well, it is partially true. This is because, as with everything else, there are some techniques that can help you get the most out of your efforts but there are others that just plain won’t work.

For example, many webmasters use expired domains to run PPC – pay-per-click – campaigns. If you are thinking about doing this, make sure that you don’t do it without the proper research.

You can create a clickbait headline and post it for a few weeks in order to get an initial amount of traffic.

Another strategy is to buy a domain expiring soon and find its keywords so that you can do research and rank for them.

Can you get traffic from expired domain names?

Some internet marketers focus on buying up expired domain names and then directing traffic to their own sites using methods such as PPC ads. However, this is an extremely risky strategy since the market is over-saturated with these sorts of domains.

A better way to get traffic from expired domains is to find a domain that you can acquire for a very low price, and then promote yourself through social media channels.

There are many ways to do this. You can post a message on Facebook, post a status update on Twitter, or post it in your blog.

Do you have a website that has pages or content that you need links to? If so, expiring domains are for you. One way to do this in the world of online marketing is by purchasing expired domains and then re-directing them back toward your site.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any company, and when you’re in business it’s never a bad idea to look for ways to increase your traffic. Not only will this give you more potential visitors but it will also help you stay ahead of your competition.

Bottom Line

Expired domains can be a valuable tool for growing your business. They can increase the traffic coming to your site, promote your content, and help generate revenue.

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