Here Are Some Reasons For Being Turned Down On CPA Offers

It Happens, so don’t freak out. What they want to do is weed out total newbs, and people who may being using to send leads to CPA offers.

CPA Offers – Your Website Says, ‘Amateur’

If you were looking to work on an with someone, wouldn’t you want to check out their website? How does it look? What about the content? If your site or landing page doesn’t look at least somewhat professional, that is not only the CPA networks first impression, it will also be the impression of any visitors to your .

Is the site well focused? Does the content fit the niche? Are there products being promoted that aren’t directly related to the content? An obvious sign of an noob is that they feel the need to fill up every available space. Hey, I know, I did it too.

CPA Offers – Not Having A Business email Address or Rap Music Playing On Your Answering Machine

Do not use a free email system as your address. It should be something like: me@my Same goes for the phone. Make sure that your answering service sounds professional and business like.

CPA Offers – Didn’t Respond To Their Emails or Phone Call

All of the better CPA networks will want to talk to a real person. This is usually no more than a 5 minute interview. Again they are trying to weed out obvious noobs. If you are new to internet marketing, just try to keep your answers short and to the point. You are dealing with people who know their stuff, so don’t get into areas which you aren’t familiar with. They will know immediately

Call them the day after you fill out the application. Being pro-active won’t hurt your cred at all. They want to work with people who are go-getters

If you didn’t get an email or call try again. In my experience they always at least send you a standard form rejection email. So if you don’t hear from them re-apply. Things do get lost in the email. Also, be sure to check your spam folder.

How to get traffic to CPA offers


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CPA Offers – Application Problems

Look, if you are new to internet marketing or have been trying and haven’t made much financial progress, you may have to grease the wheels a bit. If you aren’t getting at least 1,000 daily visitors, or you tell them you only have a small mailing list, they will feel that either you don’t know how to market products on the internet, don’t know how to drive traffic, or are just too green. So, don’t be shy about bumping up your stats a bit.

Be sure to answer all of their questions and don’t offer any information you don’t have to. Take some time to look over the application form, go over their questions carefully and then do some research before answering them. Your not being unethical, you are just entering unfamiliar territory and you want to make sure you make a good impression.

Some apps ask how much your monthly sales are. Even if you are making zilch, you can say around $1,000 – $1,500 a month and not raise any eyebrows. If they ask from where, you can say, “Selling ClickBank affiliate products”, if you don’t know about Clickbank get over there and check them out. If they ask, “what products”, just make sure that they fit the website or blog niche that you are giving them.

You Know Too Much

One of their main concerns is about CPA affiliates who may be using blackhat or greyhat or SPAM tactics to drive traffic to CPA offers. Be ethical. Because if you aren’t, and your not really, really good at BH techniques, you will get caught. You will not get paid. You will be blacklisted. So again, don’t over elaborate. Keep your answers on target to the question being asked.

Those are the fundamentals, but what if you are asked about a ‘’?

Don’t know what that is? You are a noob. You get weeded out.

Here’s how you can get a if ever you need one. I’m going to use Google.

Sign in to your adwords account and go to the Campaign Management area.

Click on ‘Conversion Tracking’.

Click on ‘Create A New Action’.

Here you will have to enter some information.

1. For ‘name your action’ you can write in ‘lead 1’.

2. From the dropdown menu select ‘Lead’

3. For ‘Revenue For Your Action’ put in $1

4. Put in the web address of the site you are using.

5. Scroll down and click on ‘Save Action and Get Code’

6. Paste and copy this code into a text file.

That’s it, now you have a and can send one if you are asked. Read up on the subject a bit more while you are in your campaign management area.

Every time you increase your internet marketing knowledge, it betters your chances to make money with CPA offers and increase your opportunities to become successful. So keep learning.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

You Need The Right Niches To Promote Successful CPA Offers

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