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What is an WebSite Authority Site?

If you have been doing any internet research on how to get better search rankings for your website or blog, one subject that always comes up is ‘ and linking’. What is usually stressed is to get as many one way links from as you can. And this is absolutely correct. So how can you identify an website authority site?

How Do the Search Engines See WebSite Authority

WebSite Authority requires trust and respect which is established and earned over a period of time

Site Authority expects a constant flow and growth of good quality content and ideas which can be trusted

Site Authority is about being connected – linking – and having a good visibility profile.

Breaking It Down Further

Content is everything.

You have zero chance of becoming or even getting links from without offering good quality content. And establishing this take time. You need to be consistent, meaning posting or adding content regularly so that the search engine bots can develop your rhythm patterns and then reward you by visiting and updating the information in their search engines.

Website Age also counts.

How old is your domain name or website? One tactic people often use is to purchase an older domain name and many people have found out that this gives them an overnight search engine boost. But if they don’t take advantage of this by adding good content pretty quickly they will experience the ‘Viagra Effect’. Meaning that; it was good while lasted. Over a period of time the bots will analyze the site, and if it isn’t going anywhere the search engine juice will stop flowing and eventually dry up.


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Website Link Respect.

Is your site respected? How many authority sites are linking back to you? The search engines see backward links from authority sites as a important sign of respect. Anybody, and I mean anybody can get thousands of links overnight. But the search engine algorithm sees this as unnatural spam linkage. And who and where are you linking to?

There is an old computer saying, “Garbage In Garbage Out”, and that is old school search engine algorithm. The fact is, to really gain link respect you need deeplinking to quality content, and that takes time.

Keeping Current

Just do a search on the top ranked websites and see what they are doing. Video, RSS feeds, podcasting, up to the minute information, guest posting. And here is a good example, one website I look over is Huffington Post. I literally can’t be on their site for less that two minutes and they are updating a post somewhere on their site. And they offer very little original content. Their overall rankings are the stuff dreams are made of for most internet entrepreneurs.

To be fair, the Drudge Report also offers a similar internet platform but their website is much less web savvy. But it still is working for them. And please, I’m not commenting on either sites political content, just offering an example.

Identifying Sites That Carry WebSite Authority

Generally any site that has an .edu or .gov are considered authority sites by the search engines. To a lesser extent .org also carries a little bit of weight, but your .org site will really get a grilling over before you are rewarded.

Check the Open Directory and put in a keyword. Many of these sites, but not all of them, are considered authority sites for that particular keyword by Google, who has continually used DMOZ, which is an edited by human hand directory, as a way to populate and set rankings for their quality content websites

Other Types of sites that offer some authority on a keyword or keyword phrases:

Hubs – Article Hubs, Video Hubs, Bookmarking Hubs

Social Networks, think My Space, and even Twitter

Directories – Niche Market Directories, Article Directories, and Review Sites

Specialized Niche Websites and Networks

Blogs, but only if they are information specific and continually updated.

WebSite Authority Tip:

Because of abuse, Google is continually cracking down on many of these types of sites if they don’t keep strict content requirements. In other words, if you are the Hub master and you want Google to trust your particular Hub, you had better make sure your members are following Google’s guidelines.

The same goes for article directories and all the rest. If you are going to put in the time and energy to build a site or write an article for linking purposes, you might as well make it a quality site or article. So before joining or making submissions be sure to check them out further.

Caveat. There is nothing wrong with dealing with lesser authority sites, but always try the ones with the higher rankings first. If they accept you, then you have met certain minimum standards.

Bottom line: If you think that linking up with, or becoming an WebSite Authority is just a dream, or a wall that you cannot cross over, then dream a door, and then build that door right into the wall, and then open it.

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