Create a Website: Learn How to build a website

How To Create a Website by Outsourcing

So, you have decided to create a website and don’t really know how to start. One thing you do know is that you don’t want a cookie cutter website, similar to what thousands of other people already have.

The quickest way to get started is by blogging. Using a free blogging platform called WordPress. While this has many advantages, it is not the same as having a uniquely designed website which you have designed to your specifications and needs.

Create a Website: Learn How to build a website
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If your like me, you may suffer from code -a-phobia. I take a look at programming code and I want to be some place else, because most of it is just way beyond what I want to invest my time in doing. Lets face it, computer programming isn’t something that you just learn overnight, and the fact that I just don’t enjoy messing around with it.

The solution? Outsource the website work to someone who does.

The myth is that it costs thousands of dollars to hire other people to do that kind of work, but actually, for less than $200- $300, you can have a unique, basic, website up and running very quickly. Please note that I said ‘basic’ website.

What you need in the beginning is to set up a good, solid foundation and then build upon it as you learn what you need by actually doing it.

Here’s some tips on how to “get er’ done”.

If you need to design a website, find a programmer to program any special features for your site such as a , or you if you need articles or an ebook written, you can easily find very good and at – eLance(dot)com or RentACoder(dot)com.

These are two of the where web designers from around the world will bid on doing the work you need and there is no obligation on your part.

Just sign up and place a free ad.

Now don’t be afraid to negotiate with several people at the same time, but don’t play them off each other.

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On your part, you need to be specific on what you need or want done. Both of you need to be on the same page. You need to set down before hand and write out your expectations so that you and the person you hire are clear on what needs to be done. This will eliminate any misunderstandings and confusion down the road. This will not only save you time and money, you will be building a good business relationship from the start.

When you find the person you feel comfortable with, be sure to check out their references, this is your responsibility, so don’t be lazy.

Don’t just grab onto the person with a thousand good references, they may just be too busy to give you the attention you need. You may want to work someone who will offer you some reasonable advise on the do’s and don’ts of your project based on their experience.

Be sure to set a deadline that they feel comfortable with, in writing. If they expect to get paid on time, and in full, then they need to meet any deadlines they have agreed to or they will face a . This may seem harsh but you need to treat this as a professional business transaction right from the beginning.

Now keep in mind that you can do all of this yourself. It just depends on the market you are entering. If you want to sell your products to you will need an up to date techie website, or, right from the get – go you just won’t have any credibility with them. But if your doing something like a craft site, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. In fact, many of those type of customers want something simple and basic.

Whatever way you go, try to make sure whatever you do, your site represents you. If your site comes across as sincere, well planned out and easy to use, it will look as if you know what you are doing, and that will make your readers and potential customers feel comfortable enough to stay with you.

If you have any favorite website outsourcing resources feel free to share them with us.

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