Internet Marketing Myths

It’s quite simple really, is marketing and selling products and/or services using the Internet as the platform.

The number of people going online to research on how to start and  Businesses increases exponentially every year.  On top of that, there will be more brick and mortar business competing for internet search spaces.

While there is real money to be made in Internet Marketing, I caution you to use your wise judgment in trusting who you want learn from, because like anything else there are always “false prophets”. so beware most marketing ‘Gurus’

There are always, and will always be con artists and scammers, but they can also come in the form of… believe it or not, month-old newbies!

It’s easy to do some research and write a book on making $5-6 figures, and later goes on to the public forums and ask questions such as, “How do I sell this eBook?”  “How do I write my sales copy?” and “Why am I not making any sale?” Ironic but this happens constantly.  Do you want this kind of person for a mentor – a one-week-old, green newbie, who has no proven credibility whatsoever?

So do your ‘Guru’ research carefully, or you will end up with becoming affected with ‘the shinny object disease’, where you jump from one program to another.  Most of these so called ‘Gurus’ simply make their money by ‘selling shovels to the miners‘ who are seeking gold, and the internet is an never ending gold rush, filled with hopefuls hoping to cash in.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Myths

Keep in mind that there are more untapped niches and hungrier demands you can cater to outside the “Internet Marketing” niche itself.

1.  Starting and running an Internet Marketing Business is expensive.

A wise man once said, “If you are not getting anything good out of your situation now, you are probably trading something else better for it.”

If you still think that starting an Internet Business is expensive, what are you doing now?  Probably trading your time for pennies, at a job you are unhappy doing.   How much you think your time is REALLY worth?

The fact is that an Internet Business is a lot more affordable to start for individuals like you and me as opposed to starting a conventional brick and mortar business, which is obviously riskier and it would take you a longer time to make back your money.

If you make a financial mistake that ultimately closes your conventional business down, it would be a question as to when or if you can start again.  You may end up massively in debt.

2.  You can make easy money with Internet Marketing.

This myth is what sets the realistic mind apart from the unrealistic fantasy.  You have heard of stories of how people make  5 or 6 figure incomes online within a few weeks. If that were the case, what is often not seen, is the hard work and learning put in by these individuals before they saw the financial results.

It may seem as if some people were overnight successes, but this is only after they have put in what it takes to be successful.

Yes, it sounds attractive seeing and wanting to believe in advertisements that say “Earn $10,000 in a month” in 30 days, unfortunately, this is what many people want to believe in.  You will save money by staying away from ads or programs with selling hooks like this.

3. It is too difficult to make money online, there is so much competition!

“I have ordered so many eBooks on making money online, but still I am still not making any!”

“The money-making programs I have joined never work!

You need to research your market properly.  More competition also means a bigger market.  You need to find your niche within this area.  You may be hard working but do not know what to do, or are putting your energy towards the wrong direction, you will end up wasting your time, money and end up feeling less motivated, finding reasons to quit.

On the other hand, if you have some knowledge and know how, but do not properly apply it, all you get are theories, but no money.  I have met people who are probably working harder than me but earn less, and those who know more than I do, but are not doing anything.

Ordinary individuals like you and me are making money online every day.  So, can you!  But there is a learning curve. So research, research, research!

You need to use your judgment to decide which internet programs are worthwhile.

4. Stuffing envelopes or joining ‘surf the internet” programs are considered an Internet Marketing Business.

This is another internet marketing myth that I am still surprised a lot of people still subscribe to.

This is not designed as an Internet Marketing Business that is sustainable for the individual.  Although in the scam letter, it is always pitched that “he asked his lawyer and he said it is legal”, but is a really cleverly-planned and deceitful scam that is a simple pyramid scheme.

Do your homework using the Search Engines.  But just know that online activities such as stuffing envelopes, $6 “Money Games” with your name moving up to the top and down the list with other 4-5 names, etc. are scams and not a legitimate Internet Marketing Business.

Paid to surf is a good Internet Business that I will make a living doing.

Most paid-to-surf programs are either illegal or not workable.  While there are legitimate paid-to-surf programs, they are not considered Internet Marketing, unless you are the one starting and running the paid-to-surf program.

More often than not, it is not really workable for most surfers, and it mainly benefits the advertisers and its paid-to-surf operators.

What money-making program can I join fast, that I do not need to read through the long sales letter?

Are you surprised to see this make the top Internet Marketing myth?

Unless you can pay someone, you need to learn how to write sales copy, and there is a rule of thumb for most marketers, “If the person does not read your long sales letter, they are NOT your potential customer”.  A certain number of people buy and refund, and never end up doing anything.

On the other hand, the sales page just may be written poorly.

Internet Marketing set up

5.  I need to know HTML, programming, and graphic designing in order to start with internet marketing, but I’m not a Geek.

I know nothing about programming.  And by professional standards, I am not well-versed with HTML either, but over time you pick up things. Many successful internet marketers are worse off than me in these areas, but earn way more than I do, because they either outsource for professional help or put together Joint Ventures with other marketers who can compensate for any lack of knowledge in other areas.

Assuming you have a and a web host, the best way to get started is with WordPress, a free blogging platform, which also offers free templates and plugins to help you create a website.  Just get started

6. You cannot make any real money as an affiliate or re-seller of other people’s products.

If you have been spamming forums and or sending unsolicited emails with your affiliate links inside your emails, and wonder why no one is clicking on your links, then it is true that you will never make money as an affiliate, re-seller, or even if it was your own product.  At least, not that way!

You need to learn how to sell.  You need to learn how to pre-sell.  When someone approaches you to sell you something, what turns you off?  Start there, and don’t make those mistakes.

Get feedback on your sales page or sales approach.

Is it the right audience?  To sell something you need to have the right product in front of a ‘hungry’ person – someone who needs or wants your offer.

While I do sell my own products, I also make money as a reseller or affiliate.

7. I do not need to build a mailing list. It is too much effort, and time-consuming.

That is like saying, “I don’t want to be in business”.  Your mailing list is as important to you as the “Yellow Pages” is to a conventional B2B business. I mean, your mailing list is your best long term internet marketing asset, so why not develop it?

8. Should I pay for a when I can host my business web site at free web sites such as

can be acquired for as low as $10 a year.  So, what is stopping you from acquiring a proper web name?  Why would you want to build a website or internet business without owning the ?

If you are foolish with your decisions, you cannot tell the good program from the bad. And if you do not have the drive to succeed with its resources, no amount of money-making programs can help you, either, no matter how good and workable they are.

If you have been badly burned by illegal programs or those that do not work or enticed you initially with ads such as “no selling required”, “no work required”, “easy money”, etc. it is high time you learn how to build a business that works.

It would not be as fast as you expect, but it is a lot easier and soul-comforting compared to getting burned and scammed.

Bottom-line: It is strongly up to the individual’s work ethics, attitude, resources, and passion to succeed.

As a rule of thumb, selling eBooks does not make you rich. It is applying the information within them that makes you rich. Besides, eBooks are informational products and serve as much a purpose as hard-copy books you see in your local bookshops.

What books do you see that work to make money for their owners? Books that tell how they made money!

online marketing

Clickbank Promo Tools

9. I hate selling. Most Salespeople are crooks.

And I assume the ones who sold you this computer and your house accessories are crooks, too?

Look, we are always selling something at some point in time, whether money is involved or not.

When you talk to your friends about your new idea or plan, you are selling to them the benefits of being part of your idea or plan. Is that not selling, too?

If you do not know how to sell, you cannot make money from your products, services or even ideas, no matter how much you think they are worth or how high in quality they are.

The good news is that with the Internet as a medium, you can cover more prospects than in person or door-to-door in the shortest time possible. Not everyone will agree to your idea, plan, product or service you are trying to sell to them, but with good salesmanship – literally, in your sales letter, and depending on how many prospects you cover online, some of them will, in turn, be your customers, maybe even lifelong if your internet marketing is done right.

10. Since I am internet marketing from home, there is no need for me to develop my people skill or PR.

While it is true that there is no need for you to go out and meet in person, especially if that person is miles away from home in another country, you still need to have good people skill, and it shows in the emails you send.

11. One sure-fire way to make money online is to build my website with lots and lots of links and pages in it.

If you are planning to run a big database site, such as an article directory, or a catalog-based Internet Business, your business can suffer horribly if you do not deliver the right message or make navigation easier for your visitors and prospects.

If you are selling only one or a limited number of products, focus and precision are more important than just playing “shotgun” in your web approach.

12. My work is done after my Internet Business or website is all set up.

That is like creating a body without its soul. Most people think that they would magically receive millions of visitors to their web site when it is ready, without throwing in any marketing effort at all (and right methods as well).


Maybe life has changed its direction for you. Perhaps, you woke one morning to learn that there is no such thing as job security. Therefore, you are exploring for more ways to stuff more of those green papers into your pocket.

Your search has brought you online where you are exploring the possibility of making money here, and you are now reading this report.

You have been badly burned by numerous scams, money games, and illegal money making programs. But, there is still a glimmer of some faith in you that refuses to give in to the fact that making online is something that can only happen in a dream. That is why you are now reading this report.

You have started and run your Internet Marketing Business for some time, but you are seeing little or no results in your income. Something must be wrong. You need to find out anyway and quick.

The most common internet marketing myths are now out of the way, and I wish you much success on your journey


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