There are some people are just a perfect fit for internet marketing. It’s like it’s what they were born to do. I felt this way initially, knowing I’d enjoy it, but I never could connect the dots to succeed. And no info product had or even has all the answers. You really do learn as you go along.

Here are some types of personalities I feel are wonderful for Internet marketing:

People Who Have a High Self Esteem

Self-esteem may not seem like an important factor, but it is. It’s my belief that you can have high self-esteem in some areas, and a low one in others. For instance, I used to have low self-esteem about being overweight, but a high one in shooting pool.

I could handle myself on a pool table, but I went into the grocery store and my eyes stayed on the ground so I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone.

I’ve pretty much gained a lot of confidence and don’t lack self-esteem anymore – but you might! You need to work on nurturing yourself in any areas where it’s lacking. For instance, have high self-esteem in your talents like graphics creation, ghostwriting, etc.

You can’t be shy about being a leader in a niche. Just remember that someone is going to relate to you – out of 7+ billion people in the world, you DO have an audience! Even if they don’t like every single thing about you, that’s okay!

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, has a funny accent, or can’t write your way out of a paper bag. You need to be confident that someone is going to accept you and be proud to be your .

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People Who Are in Touch With Their Emotions

In any niche, you need to be human. More than ever, Google is putting weight on websites where social media interaction is prevalent. What does that mean?

It means they’re starting to give credibility NOT to sites that just “have a lot of pages” or “did enough to rank well,” but instead to sites where people are commenting on the blog and sharing the content on FaceBook, G+ and Twitter.

They want real people making real recommendations.

So what happens is, you have to go into this planning to have a personal relationship with your readers! If you have no emotions about their situation if you’re cold and lecture like a professor only – they won’t connect to you.

They may appreciate the information you shared, but they won’t bookmark you and come back or tell their friends about you because you didn’t act as if you cared – and like to be cared about!

It connects us as humans and as a leader in any niche, you’ll reap the rewards of letting people in.

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People Who Have Nothing to Hide

It’s very hard to go into Internet marketing for many people. They want two separate lives – their business one and their personal one. I’m just going to tell you right now that I don’t know of one successful marketer who doesn’t share his or her personal self.

  • They share video and pictures of their vacation.
  • They use their real name.
  • They talk about their past personal life – where they came from.
  • They tell you about their hobbies (surfing, video games, reading, etc.).

It’s the people who stay hidden behind the scenes who I don’t trust. Who are you, and what are you doing with the money I just shelled out for your product or program?

Become a friend to them on some level, and they will begin to trust and buy from you.

So what happens if you are really shy? Do you say, “Forget it!” to this career path? Not necessarily. There are ways to create a brand for your business and not plaster every intimate detail about your life online.  We’ll get into branding more as part of this blog.

Still, I encourage you to go into this journey with the courage to be yourself online and to share that with others.

There’s a cute slogan I saw online one day that said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.”

So you don’t have to stay the shy, introverted person you are offline. You can put yourself out there in a different way on the Internet.

People Who Have the Time to Devote To It

I see a lot of people who have so many excuses for why they can’t, that I wonder when they ever can! You have to have some time – and the more time you have that you actually stay productive – the faster you’ll succeed.

People always ask me when I work. “What’s a typical day like?” I tell them I work from 6 AM to 9 PM, but I take a lot of breaks to care for my family and do whatever.

I also work 7 days a week. You don’t have to – but I love my business and I crave it, so I’m always tuned in.

People Who Accept Blame Rather Than Assign It

If you accept failures as something you tried and it didn’t work out, so now you know what not to do, it’ll be much easier for you than if you’re the type of person who always has to put blame on someone else.

If an eBook doesn’t have an answer I was hoping to find, for example, I go out on Google and find it! I don’t gripe about it not being in the product (unless it specifically promised it).

You’re going to run into a whole lot of frustration if you always look to blame someone else. If I need content fast, I do it myself rather than outsource to someone who might wind up with an excuse for late delivery.

People Who Like Learning New Things

The one thing I really like about this career is all the learning I get to do.

But now I get to learn whatever I want! Any niche is mine for the taking. You should see my bookshelf – cluttered with Dummies’ Guides and other how-to books. I just eat it up.

And the odd thing is, people could go buy the same book I read, but they don’t – they choose to learn it from me.


I made a with them. They trust and know and like me – they don’t know who created the Dummies’ Guide and they may not want to find out if it’s worthy.

Aside from niche topics, there’s always going to be new stuff you can learn strategy-wise. You’ll see new methods of marketing always evolving, and it’ll be exciting exploring those to determine which ones maximize your talents and which ones you’ll avoid altogether.

Now we need to look at when you should get started.  This might be perfect for you, or you might need to keep a spiral notebook filled with ideas and begin your journey a little later. Timing is everything with Internet marketing.


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