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One problem with is that it can be a real time sucker. How many times have you told yourself you’re just going to get on Facebook for a couple of minutes to post some information for your friends only to have five hours pass you by as if it is only five minutes?

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One answer to this problem is to automate many of the tasks associated with having a such as:

Posting links to new posts

Getting new “likes”

Sharing awesome information

Adding links

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These plugins can help automate some of the process of using Facebook. They will update your friends and likes about your new blog posts, your new content, and allow your clients and potential clients to share and like to their hearts content your content right on your website which will further share your information with people on Facebook.

After you choose a plugin to help with automation your next step is to create schedules and rules about when and how you use Facebook.

For instance, give yourself a rule that you must create a certain amount of billed work before you allow yourself to socialize on Facebook. Then set a timer and stop when the timer goes off. Once you get used to the new plan you’ll become better at dealing with it.

Another way to deal with Facebook is to turn it off when you’re not actually using it. Turn off your notifications on your mobile, close the webpage when you’re working, and stop looking at it every ten minutes. By creating a plan and standard operating procedure surrounding your you will go far in not only eliminating time wasting, but you’ll actually save time.

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