Internet Marketing Basics

Internet Marketing is such a hard thing to learn for many newbies. You’re out here all alone and new and you don’t know who to trust. Everyone has a smile in their avatar online. They seem confident and they’re making fantastic claims about their own success.

Where Do You Go for Good Internet Marketing Advice?

If you’re a newbie let me prepare you for what’s ahead – you’re going to be disappointed a lot in the investments you make to help you learn this internet marketing career better.

But then I was disappointed in many of the college classes I took, too. There are several reasons why your teachers/Gurus in this industry will let you down – and this is how you size up the right leaders you plan to become a part of the Internet Marketing world.

Internet Marketing

Products Are Low Quality

This is a real easy one. Unfortunately, you might lose some money – it’s like gambling. You can tell if someone is right for you just by seeing what the quality of his or her deliverables is.

What are you looking for? Well, you want to check out the following:

  • Is the content easy to digest? This means you don’t have trouble deciphering what they’re talking about. It should be conversational and void of a lot of fluff or nonsense chatter. If the person barely speaks English or they spell everything wrong, it can grate on your last nerve. This is important even if it’s a video – make sure they speak clearly and get their point across to you.
  • Is the thorough? One of the biggest gripes newbies have in Internet marketing is that someone forgot to put the details into the . Product owners often skimp on all little tiny intricacies they think you’ll probably already know. For instance, they might tell you to put a bunch of affiliate links up – but forget to show you how to make an affiliate link and which code to use to make it go live.
  • Is the product priced right? Unfortunately, some product owners price their product based on the number of pages – and I’ve seen some 200-page stinkers in my day. When you’re finished with it, ask yourself if the price was right. Some people think all courses are overpriced. But think of them in terms of education hours, not a “book” because if you went to college to learn any other business, you’d be paying for it in terms of textbooks and hours and .

Internet Marketer Turns Spam Artist

This is so sad when this happens. I actually had one person who I knew put out a STELLAR product – it was unbelievable. I promoted him and his product to everyone I came in contact with because not only was his product amazing, but it seemed like he was, too!

Then suddenly the bigger gurus started courting him, making Joint Ventures with him where they would promote his product in exchange for him promoting theirs.

Well, what happened was, his list of subscribers suddenly started getting up to THREE emails PER DAY from him – and they weren’t these nice, heartfelt, real person emails, either.

They were emails the JV partners gave him that was hard-selling, spammy “BUY THIS NOW” communications.

Oh, it was awful. I took down all my promotions of him and was very vocal about not appreciating what he’d turned into. He took his product off the market after he developed such a wretched reputation for spamming.

I don’t care HOW good a person’s product is – if they lead you down the wrong path with spam, they’re not a good person to follow. It means they’ve compromised their ethics and they aren’t truly reviewing the stuff they’re recommending – they probably haven’t even SEEN it.

The Basics of Internet Marketing Video

Clickbank Ads

Internet Marketer Gets Caught With Their Pants Down

There are many sites devoted to exposing scams and unethical marketers. These are quite funny to read, but also a little sad when you discover how many tens of thousands of people have gotten ripped off by these men and women.

Sometimes their phone conversations are recorded, or their email is hacked into and exposed.

You want to be vigilant about who you’re handing money over to – because once they have your email address from purchase, if they lack ethics, they could sell it to other marketers who will harass you with sales emails and phone calls like you wouldn’t believe!

These marketers have what’s known as “boiler rooms” and they are very persuasive and unethical people who will do whatever it takes to get you to charge up your credit card or mortgage your house to pay them for a course.

Why? Because the person calling you only gets paid a commission if you buy – and they want that commission. Many of them have they have to meet, too.

Customer Service Doesn’t Follow Through

I love this one. There have been two marketers who I personally caught PRETENDING to have a customer service “staff.”

One said he had a “customer service desk”, and the other actually gave his customer service rep a nickname like Sally.

The reason they did this was so they’d have someone else to blame whenever they didn’t reply to your request for help or didn’t refund you within the correct turnaround time. Plus, it makes them look like a “big time marketer” having a staff, right? They MUST be successful.

How shady!

Now it’s true that as you grow, you’re going to see that the volume of email increases significantly. I stop about every 10 minutes to quickly check my email or it gets out of control.

But still, I prefer to handle it myself.

If someone isn’t responding to customer service requests, then you can hunt them down elsewhere – in a forum using a Private Message, on Twitter, on Google Plus, through their Contact Form on their blog, etc.

Sometimes it truly IS a technical issue. I had one poor guy email me 3-4 times saying I wasn’t responding, but I was! He just wasn’t getting my replies. So I finally had to blog about him and let him know I’d heard and responded to each email.

The Basics of Internet Marketing

So when it comes to finding the right people to get advice from – you’re going to have to find that out in two ways:

Internet Marketing Trial and Error

One thing I don’t want is for you to be so gun shy that you automatically think everyone’s out to get you. They’re not. There are plenty of good people out there to help you and teach you the ropes.

Don’t start buying up everything about Internet Marketing just because you’re ready to get started. But if you do buy something and it’s not good at all, then get a refund for it!

Now I hate serial refunders or people who buy an entire course and refund 5 minutes later. That’s so shady and can get you banned from buying whenever people talk about your habits.

But sometimes it’s warranted and if you get ripped off, don’t let them get away with it. And then of course, sometimes you’re just not AS happy as you’d like to be, but it was an okay course. Maybe next time you’ll try someone else’s. For those, I don’t ask for a refund.

I will tell you right now that the #1 rule of learning this career is don’t spend money you don’t have. If you buy something and refund it because you’re broke, and you just wanted the information, well then that’s no different than walking up to that person and reaching in his pocket and stealing from him – or waltzing into a book store and walking out with a book without paying.

Don’t fool yourself that because it’s a digital download, it doesn’t count as theft – because it does. So always make sure you can afford the product.

Checking Into Reputations

If you haven’t bought anything yet (other than this), then you need to start looking into the character of the person you’re considering buying from.

Even me.

You might find out that you don’t like my politics or you don’t like that I gave up on my cuss jar because I went broke trying to break my bad habit.

That’s okay, too! Everyone has different deal-breakers.

But really, what you want to look for initially is bad reviews. You need to seek out many sources, too. Not just ONE forum or ONE blog owner’s opinion.

And forget about typing in “scam” after their name because that’s just a tactic spammers use to rank high for those people’s names.

Now you also need to use the common sense approach where you take all of the opinions into consideration and make your own mind up. Because not everyone is loved by everyone. Some people are going to hate the people you love. That’s just the way it is online.

Someone asked me if I was going to make a list in this product of who you could trust. I can’t do that, unfortunately. The reason is – people never surprise me. There have been some people who I’ve admired for a few years who turn out shady.

Greed often gets the best of them.

Should You Consider an Internet Marketing Mentor?

Whenever I mention that I have a mentor, people always ask me for a recommendation for a mentor of their own. I can’t give you one and really, I don’t think you need one.

I don’t mentor people. I always get asked to personally mentor – people offer me money to do that – but I turn them down. I even recently tried to mentor others by taking on 3 “students” for free to test my mentoring skills but I have to say I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not my thing.

The only kind of mentoring that I see working is becoming friends – and I couldn’t see me befriending someone to that level and charging them when they’re stuck. I’ll follow through with these three people, but then I won’t be doing it anymore.

I think in order to have someone’s best interests at heart, you have to really care about them.

So once you truly care about someone like that, it would be hard to say, “Now fork over $200 for my advice.” Just feels icky.

So no, you don’t need a mentor – sorry. I feel too many of the mentors today in our industry have one specific thing they teach – and I feel that we’re all going to be on our own individual paths so anyone trying to force you onto the one they like isn’t a good mentor.

As long as you find good products to guide you and a marketer who offers support if you get stuck on what they teach, you’ll be good to go.

I have to mention one other thing someone pointed out to me. The trend these days is to have you buy a product and then one of the upsells ( an offer you see before checkout) is personal coaching or hand-holding.

This automatically makes you worry. “Can I not succeed UNLESS I have this mentoring? I’d better get it!” So you spend hundreds (or thousands) more than you would have.

This is just a sales tactic! If the product owner put out a product that isn’t viable unless he holds your hand personally, then it’s a CRAP product, period.

Not All Bad Gurus Are Guys

I was just re-reading this chapter to myself and I noticed that I used “He” and “Him” a lot to describe the people you want to avoid.

Well trust me, I know of some equally shady female marketers. I don’t know why, but I always get more shocked by this – as if they ought to have some sort of motherly instinct over their subscribers and protect them.

But ethics aren’t doled out according to gender and some of these sweet, smiling girls will rip you off and laugh about it all the way to the bank, so don’t be fooled!

And one more thing I want to point out. While I went over what to avoid in a person – just flip it around to see who to follow.

For example:

Their products are of . If you buy from someone and you like what you learned, pat them on the back! It’s a rarity to get a good product (you’ll find this out soon enough, unfortunately).

They don’t spam. Now spam and email frequency are two different things. I email almost daily. Some people love that – can’t wait to hear from me – and for some, they’ve been conditioned to think that a “good marketer only emails every 3rd day.”

I just have to laugh at that. I like to make friends with my subscribers and I email and interact with my friends every day. I consider spam to be sales-ridden, pushy content – usually with the person emailing you as an affiliate.

It’s hilarious the couple of times someone spoofed my email (when they make it look like it’s coming from you, but it’s not) – almost everyone who got it knew it wasn’t me because it wasn’t personable. I like to tell a little about my day or whatever – just like I would a friend.

They don’t have a questionable past. You don’t want to be buying from someone who isn’t honest about his or her past dealings.

They have excellent customer service. You should get a response to your email within about 48 hours max. Sometimes longer.

Now that some of the hard lessons about internet marketing have been covered, it’s time to get started with the process of deciding which specific career path is right for you!


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