Here’s How To Go About Getting Your Site Indexed by Google

Love em’ or hate em’, but if you are interested in succeeding with , you have to work on getting your Site Indexed, and quickly quickly come to grips with the fact that Google is the dominating search engine on the web. In fact, it has more traffic and searches than Bing and Yahoo combined!

In order to get your website recognized by Google, and by default, other , you need to become indexed. This just means that Google acknowledges your site and then analyzes it in order to give it search rankings. Keep in mind that there are plenty of websites that do not get indexed by Google, and even become de-indexed if they don’t follow Google’s TOS – terms of service.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend big bucks to get Google’s attention because it’s fairly easy to get your website indexed. And bear in mind that we are just talking about initially getting your site noticed, you will still have to put in some time perfecting your SEO.

Perhaps the easiest way is to go to and open up a free account. Why Blogger? Google owns Blogger. Just follow the easy to understand directions and your new blog will be ready to go in under 5 minutes. Now write your first blog entry. Don’t just write some crap, but make it relevant to the website you want to link to.

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If possible, write up an article every day or two for a few weeks, putting in the relevant links. Often within days, the Google bots will assess the Blogger site, notice the links, and your website will become indexed.

Now be sure that your main site has good content and is optimized, otherwise your extra effort in getting your Site Indexed will be futile as far as making money from .

A really important factor in getting your Site Indexed

A really important factor to include on all of your website and blogs is to have a site map. While very few of your visitors will click on it or need it, it is very important to the search engine robots. A sitemap will include all of the pages on your site, making it easy for the bots to find and index them.

There may be some pages you don’t want indexed for various reasons, so be sure to tweak your site map to reflect this. Don’t just use Google’s xml site map tool. Be sure to include a sitemap that the other can also easily use to index your content.

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Another great way to go about getting your Site Indexed fairly quickly is through article writing. Put together at least 5 well written articles of between 300 to 600 words, post them on your website and then submit them to article directories.

Be sure to post them on your website first so you get dibs on the original content that the place a high value upon. Open up accounts at a few different article directories, follow their instruction, and very quickly you will be submitting articles to them that they will publish.

A word of caution; Google has cracked down on many article directories because they accepted and published articles that were pure crap. So these directories have gained a rep for having no juice with Google and you will not get any credit for backlinks.

If an article directory has people who go over your submissions, and it may take a few days to a week for them to decide whether to approve your article or not, those are whom I would encourage you to go with. Even if your article get denied, keep trying, they will only help you to get better.

Like in Blogger, make sure you add a link to your site in your author byline.

The bots go through the quality article directories quite often, so with a week or so your article and site will be indexed.

Be sure to keep submitting. Other webmasters will pick up your articles and post them on their sites with your links included, giving you even more link juice.

There is quite a lot of competition in the internet, but if you  go for quality content, and keep plugging away, it may take awhile, but you and your site will be recognized and your endeavors will not go unrewarded.

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