How Getting Organized Helps to Relieve Stress

How To in All Areas of Your Life

It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that chronic stress is the root cause of many physical, mental and emotional ailments, as well as worsening most other conditions.

The human mind revels in feeling secure; about circumstances and outcomes. When the prevailing environment is a state of turmoil, the mind and body are in a heightened state of stress, almost continually.

It is no coincidence that those who manage to live a planned existence live more peaceful, healthier and usually longer lives.

Tip: Develop Habits and Build a Routine

Normally there is a natural decline in the stress hormone cortisol over the course of the day. However, studies have shown that coming home to a disordered household with lists of chores to be done causes a raised level of cortisol.

This has an adverse effect on your mood, your sleep and your overall health. Having a clean tidy house with all the chores completed doesn’t only clear the physical work.

It will make you happier and much more relaxed, and engender feelings of being in control.

Declutter – Simplify, And Change your Perception

For some people, it can be hard to break the habit of accumulating. This can be especially true if since childhood you have been taught to save, and not to be wasteful.

To be successful, you have to visualize how your home will look and feel without all the clutter. It helps if you focus on keeping only the things that you use and are important in your life.

Changing your perception will reduce stress levels.

Physical decluttering makes things more organized and manageable. It will also have an organizing effect on your mind. When you are in control, there will be more balance in your life. You will have more time to pursue the things that make you happier and healthier.

TIP: Make your to-do list, on your actual to-do list, at either the beginning or end of the day. Midday is too late for the current day, and often to early to have a real sense of the following day.

Why Planning is Important

There is a contrasting and obvious difference between disorganized people and organized people. Disorganized people muddle through life without any planning and make excuses for their lack of progress.

Organized people take steps to develop and achieve their goals, making changes that improve their life.

Organization requires planning. That means looking ahead, doing things in the evening that will make the morning more structured and less stressful. Then, in the morning, taking steps to make the day run to a schedule, including planning for the evening.

The importance of planning how you spend your time cannot be emphasized enough. You need to organize and prioritize your activities. Focusing on the tasks that need to be prioritized will get things done.

How Being Organized Helps to Relieve Stress

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Improve your Productivity

The research reported in the Journal, Neuroscience, confirms that a cluttered messy working area is a distraction affecting a person’s ability to focus and concentrate. When there are too many things to look at the visual cortex becomes overloaded.

This has the effect of inhibiting the brain’s capability to process information. When a person has an uncluttered, neat working area they are more productive and efficient.

An uncluttered and peaceful home life produces better relationships. When a family works together to keep the home a pleasant place to be, there is less stress and disagreements. Good organizational skills allow them to spend more time doing the things they enjoy.

Less Stress Means Better Health

Most experts concur that to obtain optimum health and less stressful life, you need to be organized. Even something as basic as dining well and deriving the full benefit from nutritious food requires a functional kitchen and a happy relaxed mealtime.

When a person feels in control of their life and organized they become more mindful about what food and exercise their body needs.

They are more aware of the forethought, organization and preparation that is required for continued good health.

Becoming More Organized

Living a less moment-to-moment existence will provide benefits in all areas of health. Providing the mind with the structure it desires will result in feeling in control of daily life, and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

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