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One really can’t underestimate the importance of how to buy names, especially if you are doing internet marketing. The name that you register can have an almost immediate effect on you web presence.

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The main effect being that you will have an easier time in getting organic search engine traffic, depending on your niche. If you enter a very competitive market you had better drill down deep to find out where you have the easiest chance of getting in and being noticed.

Domain name registration is a very inexpensive and easy process, and almost every web hosting company has a domain registration program. But in order to start out on the right foot with your internet business you need a plan, and you need to do some research. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking up a cutesy name and then registering it. And I’m going to tell you why.

First of all, if you have a good budget and want to brand yourself, it really doesn’t matter what what your domain name is. Take the names Google or Yahoo for example. Nobody typed those names in a search engine on a regular basis to look for them. But with an expensive publicity campaign they have become household names. Huffington Post is another example, they had a multi-million dollar budget to build a web presence for their news service.

First you need to do some research on your niche. A niche simply means: what is your website going to be focused on. What are you selling? What type of information are you offering? You need to get specifically focused as you can. Then you need to use the free Google Keyword Tool.

Put in what your niche is about. If its ‘toy trains’, put it in and see what the results are that people are looking for. Google will tell you how many people are searching for information about toy trains and what words they are using in looking up information for this.

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That is your first clue in how to buy domain names properly. If you think of a catchy name for your product or service, but no one is looking for it how will they find you? But, if people are already searching for information that is related to your niche, isn’t that something you should consider when creating your website?

So find a keyword phrase that people are already searching for that fits closely to what you are doing. Be sure to take a look at the number of searches. You don’t want to use a keyword phrase that millions or even hundreds of thousands of people are searching for.

Just take a look at the competition bar on the Google keyword tool and you’ll see what I mean. Drill down deep find a decent phrase with a decent number of people searching for it. Write down several of them just in case the one you feel good about is already registered.

Now you go to your domain name registrar. Many internet marketers are now using ‘‘, simply because they include privacy in the cost of the domain name. If you plan on doing internet businesses in a serious way, you need to cover your tracks.

What this means is if your competition wants to see what you are doing, what your successful websites are and then come in and copy you, the more you can cover your tracks the better off you are. And believe me, you should do your best to keep your financially successful niches and personal information under the radar, because if other internet marketers find out that you are making money there, they will jump in fast, and copy everything that you do.

Always try to go with a dot com extension. This still has search engine priority. So that means you may have to add an extra word or two if the name you want is already taken. For example; ‘toy’. I’m sure that is already taken. What about ‘toy train’. Or ‘the toy train”. Just think of little variations, but, and this is very important, keep your main keyword phrase together. And keep it as short as possible.

Now if you do your research properly and look up the competition for your keyword phrase, often you will find that just the name is registered, no website, or often a poorly designed website. In that case if another extension, such as dot org, dot net, even dot info, is available with your , I would consider getting it.

Stay away from registered trademarked names. Even if you are an affiliate selling one of their products. It is much better to set up a domain name such as ‘the toy train and then make a sub folder with a the trademarked name. For example, ‘the toy trains’.

Consider not registering your domain name with your domain host. Even if you feel are getting a . You may want to part company with your host after a while, and people often end up with severe headaches trying to move everything elsewhere. So it may be a good idea to pay a little more and keep them separate.

These are the main factors to consider in  how to buy domain names. The search engines love finding exact keyword phrases and will give you much , especially if you have good content.

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