How to Find Inspiration, and What to Do With It

Where do I find inspiration?

I don’t think you can ‘find inspiration’. Inspiration finds you.

I’m not talking about motivation. Motivation seems to be a basic life principle. If you are hungry, you get motivated to feed yourself. If there is something you want and can’t afford, you get motivated to find the money or wherewithal to get it.

Inspiration is something much more profound. It comes from the word ‘inspire’, and when you break that down, it comes from the word ‘spirit’, which has nothing to do with ghosts.

Spirit is the principle of air, breath. Inspiration is what is breathed into you. This is an energy that is all around you, it is everywhere. It doesn’t care what your religious beliefs are, what political party you belong to, or how much money you have.

Find Inspiration – Can I Tap Into Inspiration?

Yes you can. It is not like the concept of enlightenment, where one can devotedly meditate daily for 30 years and never ‘get it’, or conversely, it can happen in a second to a completely unsuspecting person.

All inspiration needs is just a second or two of openness, the opening of the veil, consciously or not, of your normal everyday consciousness, and it just flows in.

Like enlightenment, inspiration can happen at any time, anywhere. You can find yourself inspired by an insect, a note of music, and of course, language.

When I was younger, I remember taking the bus and always seeing a sign: “ Is Contagious”

Inspiration is like that. You can inspire by your actions, by your attitude, and by your example.


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While I’m not sure that the concept of , particularly with money, is an actual universal principle, this definitely touches a chord in people’s consciousness. But I’ve seen time and time again, that it just doesn’t always happen. In fact the principle of actually comes from Kings and Kingdoms, as the of the pack, they felt that they are entitled to X amount of your endeavors.

Inspiration on the other hand, doesn’t involve money, and I’ve experienced that the more you are open to be inspired, the more inspiration you freely give, the more you will receive. You will constantly become both a receiver and a transmitter of ever flowing inspiration.

So go get yours, find inspiration, and then become an inspirational philanthropist.

Remember, no matter how hard you try, you can never give it all away.

Find Inspiration – How to Live Your Purpose Video

Your purpose might be something you’ve already discovered, but for many women, discovering your purpose and Find Inspiration can take some time and soul searching.

In this video I sit down with Mastin Kipp, the founder of the wildly popular website, to learn how he realized his purpose and went on to create a website and daily email series that allowed him to connect with thousands of readers, and even meet Oprah!

Mastin truly understands the value of following your passion and your purpose. Even when he was out of work, living in an ex-girlfriend’s mother’s pool house, and wondering how he was going make ends meet, he believed the daily emails he was sending out to his small mailing list would change lives and bring people happiness.

And he was right. He put years of hard work (and major faith!) into his website because he knew it was his calling, even when people close to him doubted it and bugged him to get a normal job.

Seven years later, is insanely popular for being a daily dose of upbeat inspiration and bite-sized quotes. You could even consider it the compass to help Find Inspiration and find your purpose in life!

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

You Can Find Inspiration Everywhere – even in failure!

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