Suggestions to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

The first thing to understand is that you need to be realistic. If you are in a niche that is competing with millions of other, already indexed pages in the search engines, you will have very little chance to be seen on the first page in the foreseeable feature. But by taking a little time, and having a bit of patience, I can give you a few tips on how to improve your search engine rankings.

What are you trying to rank for?

If you want to achieve any type of in internet marketing or just have a known presence on the internet, you first have to understand you niche and your  Search Engine Rankings . The very first place you need to go to is: That is the free keywords tool. Put in your main keyword – this is what your website is about, and see what results gives you.

Don’t be discouraged if there is a high number of internet competition. That just means that it is probably a pretty profitable niche. But what we need to do is to drill down. Find terms that people are searching for that have less competition in that particular niche. Carefully, take note of a few of the search terms that you feel comfortable with. I do encourage you to start small.

Gaining a Confidence Builder Advantage

Lets adjust your mindset. Although a certain keyword may only get 1500 searches a month, would you like to rank first for that term? It is very realistic that you could, and this will be your ‘confidence builder’. By finding search terms that are less competitive you greatly increase your chances of . And then you take your next search term, repeat the process, and so on until gradually you start to own large patches of your niche.

Now it is important that you keep track of what is going on. The internet is not a place where you can simply set it and forget it. There are people who out there who are voraciously competing for certain keywords, maybe even the same ones you picked out, and believe me they are not afraid to be aggressive.

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Creating Unique Content To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

The very best, how to improve search engine rankings is to offer unique content. This is the gold standard for SEO. Now you don’t have to always have 100% unique content, but you will have better search engine rankings if you have content that is directly related to the search terms you previously picked out. This is where the hard work comes in. This means that you need to be writing and or working on your website or blog very regularly for awhile.

The more original and quality content you have, the more you will get search engine rankings love. If you need some inspiration, check out what your competitors are doing. But never, never directly copy any of their material to your site and try to claim it as yours.

Getting Link Love

Search engines love to see inbound links to your site. So go out and make some friends. If you see that someone else has written an article that you like, and that relates to what you are doing, contact them and let them know you would like to post it on your site. You supply them with a link and article credit, and most likely they will reciprocate.

As I am sure you are writing good quality articles, submit them to the better article directories. If they approve your submission, they will give you a link back. Join a number of forums that are related to your niche and offer quality comments or advise, putting in your contact info if it is allowed. Allow your RSS feed to be syndicated.

Be sure to keep your links diverse, yet related to what your site is all about.

Do It And Learn

As with anything, the best way is to just do it. None of the ideas presented here will cost you any money. So don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You will learn by trial and error. But it does take time and work to succeed, so be patient and persevere.

If you treat internet marketing as a hobby, that is what it will be. If you want to make money online in internet marketing, then you need to improve your Search Engine Rankings and have a plan. There are many, how to improve search engine ranking techniques and advise out there, but if you build your foundation with these very basic ideas, I’m confident that you will eventually succeed.

Work Smarter

Karen Fields

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