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As I noted in part one, be sure to have a professional looking website or blog set up already.

It’s always best to use your website as your internet mailing address. G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other free email addresses are often connected with spammers. So using them will send up a red flag.

What the CPA companies want to basically know is your and how you are going to send traffic to their CPA offers.

Sometimes they simply reject your application based on the information you supplied them with. So just move on and apply on to another company. Most of the time, if ever, they don’t verify your web stat info, so if your site looks professional enough, and you fudge a little, it won’t be a problem.

The phone call.

Now it’s absolutely essential that you take the call and are prepared.

Answer professionally, if you have an answering machine make sure it is set up professionally also.

If they call and you aren’t there, they will leave a message, so be sure to call them back promptly. Even if you just get their machine to leave a message. And then follow up if necessary. They like to see that you are pro-active.

The person who calls will often end up being your CPA Offers affiliate manager, and its best to get a good relationship started right away. They have a self interest in helping you to succeed, they get commissions. Down the road, when you’ve proved yourself, your affiliate manager will be able to get you and will give you the heads up information on good offers, what CPA offers convert best, etc.

The basic questions go something like this…

How did you hear about us?

I did some research on the internet and saw that your company has a good reputation.

What is your ?

Been doing internet marketing for two years, I have been promoting ClickBank products. ( Or any other you have dealt with) They just want to make sure that you aren’t a complete newb and will end up doing stupid things – like spamming.

Finding High Paying CPA Offers Video

How do you drive traffic?

I use a combination of PPC – Pay Per Click, and SEO my sites for organic keyword searches. ( if you know a anything about Media Buys or have done your research about this subject you can say you also do Media Buys. But be able to drop some names and or examples if asked. You don’t want to end up looking stupid.)

How many unique visitors do you get per month?

Over 30 thousand a month. (If you get more say so.)

Do you have any incentive offers on your website?

Incentive offers are when you offer to give people something for clicking on your ads. Just say No. After all, that is what the CPA offers are generally all about anyway, and they don’t want ‘false leads’.

How much do you spent on advertising?

I always test any offers first to see what is converting best. Then we keep reinvesting what we make. ( You can also simply say or you spend between $20 – $50 a day, it just depends)

Are you with any other ?

If you are say so. Now its easy to  name drop other CPA networks, such as Neverblue Ads, Copeac, but be careful, it doesn’t happen often, but if they sense something isn’t quite right they may ask you who your affiliate manager is over at…. These people are competitors and they know a bit about other companies and who the better managers are. If this is your first CPA company just say so. Most often, if you sound like you know what you are talking about they will just roll along with you.

What ‘Verticals’ do you promote?

Verticals are just industry jargon for other products. Health and entertainment are always good, but just be prepared with the right information in case they ask for more info.

What kind of offers are you interested in?

Any product that converts well.

A definite no no is mentioning emailing marketing. They will want to know how you are marketing without spamming and on and on. Now, if you are doing email marketing and know what you are talking about, then go ahead. This is a legitimate concern of theirs, so even if you are spam compliant, its better not to mention anything about email marketing.

If you are outside of the USA and are applying to CPA Networks be sure to have US based websites. This will put them at ease. But don’t try to cheat them. They can track where your leads are coming from, and if in the agreement that you signed on to, they say no traffic outside of the US, don’t waste your time trying to sneak it in. They will catch you.

But don’t make this into a bigger deal than what it actually is; the CPA Company just want to make sure that you are who you say you are and verify your phone number, etc.

If you do get rejected, move on to another company, until your accepted. You don’t have to be with only one company. Some have better offers, than others so shop around. And don’t be afraid to go back later to those companies that rejected you, with a little more experience under your belt you won’t have to feel nervous at all.

It’s just a fact that the more you do know about what you are doing the more success you will have at internet marketing and CPA offers.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

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