Selecting the Right CPA Offers

Now what? You’ve been accepted into a . The vault door is open. So as an official CPA affiliate, what do you choose? The bottom line in internet marketing is that you must find the right product, ie, the best converting CPA offers, in a .

CPA offers are no different. Your problem is, that there are of thousands of other people trying to do the same thing. So the best edge you will have is to find CPA offers that fit into a niche you are already involved in and know something about, or start doing some research.

Internet Marketing Basics

Test, Track And Optimize.

To test your offer, you need traffic. But not just traffic numbers, you need targeted traffic. Without getting the right traffic you will not be able to analyze or optimize your CPA offer properly. Now if you have a site that already getting a good amount of targeted traffic, you are halfway there. So you just start testing different ads, and or, your landing pages while keeping track of what is converting best.

Otherwise your best bet is to test your CPA offer by using PPC – Pay Per Click marketing. This is still one of the fastest and most effective ways to test your offers and get targeted traffic.

CPA Offers – Keyword Research

I know your in a hurry to make some . And unless you are very unusual, you have probably been bit by the ” Google sends me every month”, or, “I made $50,000 last month only working 4 hours a week”, like the rest of us have at one point or another. However if you want to gamble and make quick money, try the lottery or go to Vegas. If you want to get serious about making money on the internet you have to do your research. Otherwise you will waste money, become frustrated, and think making money on the internet is BS.

How To Promote CPA Offers – Video

First make sure there is a paying market for your CPA offers. A quick way to check on the financial viability of a product is to see if there are any other advertisers. Just pick a couple of keywords, even off the top of your head and see how what the competition looks like. If there are plenty of advertisers, that means there is money to be made. If there are no advertisers, then there is probably a reason.

Before you jump into any PPC marketing campaign, make sure you have done your keyword research. Testing here, means to spend as little money as possible until you ascertain the profitability of your CPA offer and ad. And keep in mind that is not just how much money you spend that is the bottom line, it is your ROI – Return On Investment that matters.

Google’s free AdWords keyword tool, as well as their search engine will give you the heads up that you need. But you need to understand how to analyze the results they offer.

So you pick out a few keywords, set up a for them and monitor the results closely. Be sure to have several different landing pages and if one is performing better than the others keep tweaking it them until your making a decent profit.

Also, instead of targeting specific keywords with PPC, it might be a good idea for you to look into PPV, Pay Per View. Google has an AdWords program where you can place an ad on a specific page in a specific market and only pay for a guaranteed amount of views. For instance, you might pay only $20 for a guaranteed page view of 30,000 views. How many of those people can you convince to click on your ad?

Suppose that you can get even 2% to click on your ad, that’s 600 people. Now, how much will it cost you to get 600 clicks on the keyword you are targeting with regular PPC advertising. Again it all comes down to your ROI, but in many cases, going with the PPV alternative has proven quite profitable.

We can scale your traffic generation alternatives into other markets, such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and others which I will go into in part 4.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

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