How To Go About Improving Your Strategy

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a subject with many layers. Depending on who is discussing it, it can sound as complex as brain surgery or it can be described in very simple and basic terms. I’m not a brain surgeon but I do know how to plant seeds and help them to grow.

In Internet Marketing What Works For Someone Else May Not Work The Same For You

If you are interested in Improving Your Internet Marketing Search Engine Strategy, there are basic seeds you need to build upon and these do not need to be overly complex techniques when first developing your search engine strategies.

Determine What Your Search Engine Strategy Goals Are

Focus on, ‘What is the purpose of my website?’ Not what you want to achieve, just, ‘why do I even have this website?’

Is it to sell products or information?

Do you want to use it to generate leads for your sales people?

Is it designed primarily to give out information and or advise? To educate your target audience?

Once you have determined your purpose or mission, then focus on:

Creating Your Internet Marketing Search Engine Strategy Plan

First, understand that there is not just one ‘magic plan that will help you to succeed. It is usually by combining different ingredients together that your website will be able to achieve a high ranking in the search engines. But what you want to happen is that when people type in your particular niche or keyword, you want to show up.

You really only have two approaches

Using PPC – pay per click.

This is when you pay to advertise your website. Depending on your niche and keywords, this can become very expensive if you are not paying attention. You really need to do deep keyword research on this one and test, test, test, different adverts in varying markets within and related to your niche.

If you are just starting out, do not try to be number one. There are many deep pocket advertisers out there who can afford $5 or $10 a click and remain at the top spot every day. Don’t be in a hurry unless you really have done your research and really know the ins and outs of putting together an adwords campaign.

A. Determining what are your targeted keywords are.

B. What are you willing to bid for them.

C. Writing ads that show up in the proper areas when people type in your keywords.

For example, don’t use ‘gardening’ as your , focus on an aspect of gardening. Tomato’s, what kind, what are the best seeds, soils, etc. Find keywords that people are searching for, that are related to your niche and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

That being said, this is the quickest way to start selling and getting leads to your website.


This is when you optimize your website to show up in the ‘organic’ searches. This involves many different aspects, the proper keywords, good content, quality backlinks, just to name a few. There are many articles and books out there on this already.

There is no easy way to do this in today’s competitive market, but your focus should be on building an easily accessible website with quality content.

A. Write brief, descriptive HTML description titles for each or page.

B. Write a summary sentence for each separate article or page

C. Have quality, focused, page content.

D. Write an descriptive/keyword ALT text for all of your images.

E. Make sure all of your pages comply with current web standards, as well as Googles terms of service.

Then you an continue on with more advanced techniques, such as, 301 redirects, link building (getting more links to your site), RSS news feeds, blogging, backtracking and more.

By starting in the right way, you can produce a search engine marketing strategy, that will focus on what matters most when carrying out your plans, which will help you to effectively attain your internet marketing goals.

Be Fearless
Karen Fields

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