How To Go About Increasing Your Productivity

There are no secrets to increasing your productivity. You simply need to focus. And the focus here is how to eliminate time wasters when you are trying to get your internet marketing work done. The end result is that you will be able to spend more time re-energizing yourself away from your computer. You know the saying, “All work and no play…”

Increasing Your Productivity – Forget Multi -Tasking

Multi-Tasking works when you have people working for you actually performing the tasks needed to be done. You just multi – task by overseeing them. For the rest of us, multi -tasking usually results in a lack of focus and as a result you end up all over the place. Better to focus on one task and finish it before moving onto the next project.

You will have accomplished something right off the bat and feel good about it. !

Increasing Your Productivity

Obviously you aren’t going to put together a 1000 page website or article in a day and have it be quality content, but what you do is break it down into bits that you feel you can get done.
To become even more efficient, you need to…

Increasing Your Productivity – Prioritize

Create a ‘to do’ list. Assign tasks to a ‘low’ priority and a ‘high’ priority. Make sure that you clearly delineate which is which. Try to keep your high priority items that need to be done to a minimum. Here you are focusing on making a commitment and having a plan. Its best to do this the day or even a week before. Write it all down on a piece of paper and keep it close by, don’t write it out on an electronic device unless you are out and about and need to be reminded.

Be sure to cross off completed tasks. You will actually see what you have done. This way you can track your progress and feel good about what you have accomplished. And if there is something you haven’t finished, put it at the top of the next days list.

Increasing Your Productivity – Starting Your Day

Do you need a bit of fun to energize you? Or do you like to get right down to it? How you begin your workday can be a mood maker for your entire day. This is a personal preference so figure out what will motivate you to do your best.

Increasing Your Productivity – Avoid Time Wasters and Needless Distractions

Instead of checking your personal emails, seeing whats on your favorite blog, etc, get one or two of the tasks on your list over and done with.

Increasing Your Productivity – Don’t let other people control your workday.

You can’t control when someone else sends an email or calls you, but you can choose how and when you allow yourself to be interrupted. What you need to do is set aside a specific interruption-free time each day when you will not allow yourself to be disturbed from the immediate tasks at hand. Let all of your friends, family and so on, know about this. Otherwise at the end of the day, you will you will end up feeling stressed over nothing getting done and realize that now you are overloaded for the next day’s work.

Don’t play phone tag. Set up a convenient time with the other person when to expect your or their call.

Increasing Your Productivity – Take A Break Every Hour or So

Increasing you productivity means taking a 10 to 15 minute break. You don’t think all those in sports are just for commercials, are highly focused and they need to take a break to relax their intensity and recharge. Just keep a check on your break time.

How To Go About Increasing Your Productivity Video

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Step 1: Confront your most challenging work during times when you are most alert and energetic. Some people work best in the morning, others in the afternoon. If you don’t already know your most productive time, start paying attention to your body rhythms.

Step 2: Take short breaks to refresh yourself and sharpen your focus.

Step 3: Eliminate distractions when you need to focus on time-sensitive material. Send calls directly to voicemail, ignore e-mails, and


Don’t fall into the trap of just being busy, busy, busy. Set a reasonable time limit for yourself to finish each item on your to do list, get it done and cross it off your list.

Learn How to Outsource.

As soon as you can afford it let someone else do certain pieces of your project. It will end up being more cost and time effective. Why spend hours doing something when someone else can do it better and maybe even faster. This allocates your time to accomplishing the tasks you can do best and maybe even enjoy doing.


Learn How to Speed Read. Work on improving your typing speed. Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts, or create your own Hot Keys.

Getting organized and focusing on the tasks at hand are the key points to increasing your productivity.

Go get em’ tiger… or tigress.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

Increasing Your Productivity Takes A Bit Of Time And Discipline, But You Will See !


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