How to Integrate Your Social Media Within Your Blog

When you think about social media, it’s important to not only think of it as a way to promote your blog.  This is how a lot of webmasters and bloggers approach social media and thus their posts are all about building traffic for their .

The point they’re missing here though is that their should also be promoting their social media.  Your social media should in this sense be viewed as equally important from a marketing standpoint and when you get this right, you’ll find that you can much more effectively generate traffic.

How to Integrate Your Social Media Within Your Blog

The Virtuous Cycle

Why?  Because then you create a ‘virtuous circle’ where one aspect of your brand is helping to fuel the other, which is then helping to fuel the first!

Each time someone visits your site and likes your content, they should be shown your social media and given the chance to follow.  When they do that, they will then be updated with more of your content through their home feed.

When that happens, it will lead them to then click on those links and return back to your .  When they share the content, they bring more people to your website, which in turn brings more people to your social media!

How to Get There

So what tools and strategies can you use to make this happen?  The first tip is that you should place social media buttons – links to your social pages – right on your home page.

This way, as soon as someone comes to your site and gets a good idea of what you are all about, they’ll then be able to click to visit your social pages and sign up for more similar content.

Another tip is to use a feed as a widget.  This way, people can actually see your latest posts on Twitter or Facebook right on your site – and if it’s good, then you’ll get more people to sign up and follow you.

Of course, it’s also important to include sharing buttons in the content itself.  This way, if someone enjoys a post of yours, they can then click to share it with their friends and followers, which will mean yet more people are exposed to your brand, and more people come to your site.
With the , you can put rocket fuel in your social marketing strategy!

There are more Pros of Social Media than cons, just post wisely and regularly!

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Creating an Interesting Social Media Page for a Boring Niche

If you look for advice on how to create a buzz on the Most Popular Social Media channels, you’ll find that the general consensus is to try to offer something of genuine value.

Your aim is to try and create something that people will be entertained or informed by and that way to think of your social media page almost a product or as a service in its own right. The aim is to make a page that people will be excited/eager to check in on.

That’s easy if you have a business in fitness.  All you need to do is to regularly post inspiring quotes, workout tips and pictures of people training.

But what if you work in life insurance? Or accounting?  How then are you supposed to come up with a channel that people can relate to?

By Being Tangential

In these scenarios, the simple solution is to make a social media page that is not directly about the niche or industry that you’re focused on but rather one that is tangentially related.  A of this, for example, might be a company that sells light bulbs.

Now, this is a pretty dull product and it’s not something people will want to read about every day!  But what’s tangentially related here is interior décor.  People have light bulbs in their lamps, and lamps are a key part of our decorating.

So you can, therefore, create a social media page that’s about decorating.  A of this would be a Pinterest board where you collect inventive and creative ideas for interior décor.

This could include ‘hacks’ for storage or beautiful home-made designs.

Either way, you will have a page that’s filled unique ideas that homeowners might want to check out for inspiration and you’re providing a service.  You can this way build a big following, get lots of shares and only then occasionally try and promote your light bulbs!

Understand Your Whys – The Positives of Social Media

What’s also important is to know the reason that your business exists, and what drives it.  Why do you do what you do?  What is your value proposition and how do you make the world better?

Once you know this, you can find that ‘through line’ that connects your topics.   For example, if you sell life insurance, your mission statement might be how to create happier families.

If that’s your mission statement, then a Facebook page about ‘fun activities for families’ will serve the same end goal and be a perfect marketing strategy!

Just remember that there are different Types of Social Media and requires different types of content.

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