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There are many of you who won’t be quitting your full-time job until internet marketing replaces those much-needed finances. In fact, that’s a great way to do it! Others may be jobless and will devote their time to getting this up and running ASAP.

I have great admiration for those juggling Internet marketing with a second offline job to handle, too. I know when I worked offline I was always so drained.

So what do you do if you want this career to replace another one?

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You work it into your spare time. You might give yourself 15 minutes after dinner to go “nose to the grindstone” and work hard on your business without interruption. Sometimes I can get more done in a 15 minute concentrated session than I do when I ‘mess about’ for an entire hour.

Or, you might work it in as a weekend job. Many people already do this. Just make sure you give your family enough attention because the Internet marketing career isn’t as important as those relationships.

And carry a little spiral notepad with me and jot down ideas whenever they spring to mind. Maybe someone mentions a little trend their into – and you want to go online and look it up to see if it’s something you could make money with!

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Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Just as not everyone is right for an Internet marketing career, it’s not always the right time to start this career – even if you’re the perfect fit in every other way.

Here’s a checklist you might want to take note of to see if this is the right timing for you.

Your Finances Aren’t Desperate

The absolute worst time you can start your Internet marketing journey is when money is bleak. When desperation sets in, you go into panic mode and start buying all of the get rich quick schemes flooding the Internet.

There are marketers who lack ethics who will prey on your desperation. They want to get your money now, while you’re new and panicked so that you’ll feel dumb not being able to succeed with the crappy information product they sell you.

Another reason you don’t want to start internet marketing is when creditors are beating down your door because frankly, it’s not going to happen fast enough for you. Building a sustainable business online takes time. You simply aren’t going to have enough for all of your bills this week.

Ye,s you can start making money, but regardless of which product or service you choose to promote, it’s going to take a little time to get set up and become a trusted resource.

I want to mention something else here. Scumbag marketers prey on your desperation. Many will totally fabricate a story about themselves being desperate once too – the classic rags to riches story. Some are true.

Please read it with a clear head. For example, you won’t go from desperate to being a multi-millionaire in 90 days. If a product claims something like that, ask yourself if it’s shady sounding. You’re probably right.

Does that mean all rich marketers lie? No. I know for a fact a few of these guys posting about their desperate finances and turned rich, are true, but what they fail to admit in their sales copy, is that they whipped up a “how to make money online” course when they hadn’t made a penny.

Then they approached a bunch of potential promotional partners and made backroom deals to promote each other, regardless of the quality of the stuff they were promoting. Once the ball gets rolling it does get easier.

But, you need to deliver!

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Your Internet Marketing Career has the Support of Family and Friends

I see some heartwarming stories of people who have tons of support. Maybe they lost their home, and their parents took them in, and are helping them buy a and hosting to get started.

Or maybe they just have support from a good friend or a spouse, who is cheering them on. This is the best scenario.

You have to have some level of support because if you’re surrounded by people chipping away at your motivation, then you’ll quit sooner and be more apt to fail because you lack confidence in what you’re doing.

After all, these are your loved ones – so if they don’t believe in you, it’s kind of hard to believe in yourself.

A lack of confidence has real effects on your finances. If you feel like it probably won’t work, that will stop you from going all in and putting yourself out there to the fullest, so the leadership won’t take root and you’ll have a self-fulfilling prophecy on your hands.

You need to have a talk with your friends and family about your chosen career path – but don’t just do it willy nilly, where you walk in one day and say, “Hey! I quit my job! I’m gonna do this internet marketing biz for a while and try that and see if it works.”

That’s scary to the people who love you.

Sit them down seriously, before you quit your job, and tell them of your plans. Make sure you’ve done your research and know which path you’re going to take so that if they have questions, you’ll be able to answer them.

And if you aren’t sure of something, be honest. Say, “That’s a good question – one I need to get the answer to. Can I get back to you in a day or two with that information?”

People like it when you speak honestly.

And don’t get defensive. Some people smirk and poke fun of work at home men and women because they’re just ignorant about it. I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked if I run a porn site.

Others will ask if you’re going into the business of spamming – because aside from porn, I suppose spam is the only other thing they encounter online.

So make sure you let them know up from that it’s not seedy or spammy, you plan to become a niche leader. They might laugh at you, saying you’re not an expert.

Be prepared to reassure them that you can lead without being at the top of your field. Your confidence will allay their fears. And make sure you share each little with them, too.

If the only measurement they have is monetary, then make sure you’re pursuing things that pay off faster – like ghostwriting pays off faster than affiliate marketing on Amazon, where it takes 2 months to see your first check.

You might also want to consider doing this in your spare time initially so that you get some income rolling in before you quit your job. That way you have somewhat of a safety net and the risk is smaller.

Marketing online

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You Know When to Say No – and When to Say Yes

People will be asking you to run errands for them. They’ll ask if they can “come over for a bit.”

Let “No” become your new mantra for a while until they get the message. I personally fully endorse the use of excuses that aren’t real, if you don’t yet have the guts to take up for yourself.

Saying ‘No’ is only half the battle. Sometimes you need to say ‘Yes’, and give yourself permission to try new things and take time to investigate a different path if you want to.

You Have Some Time to Devote

I listed time in the last section but I want to speak of it in a different way here. Having time means you’re able to give it your ‘ALL’ for some portion of the day. It means you’re willing to contribute time to all of the tasks you need to do.

You’ll need to have time to:

  • Educate yourself about your niche – forever. This never ends.
  • Compare yourself with your competitors to see how you can do it better.
  • Practice getting familiar with tools and technical tasks. I had to re-watch a video on how to upload something several times before I ever did it from memory.
  • Find the right people to outsource to. Once you get to this point, you can’t haphazardly hand off tasks to strangers – you have to be choosy.
  • Communicate with your audience. It’s not just all about product promotion – it’s about developing a relationship with your subscribers and readers.
  • Improve your talent. If you’re a writer, devour books on writing better. If you’re a blog builder, study new methods and techniques to impress .
  • Handle customer service. Whether they’re complaints or emails of praise, you have to handle the volume that starts out at a trickle and winds up being a beast.
  • Test and tweak your efforts. You need to be able to monitor your and failure and study what could be improved.

I think many newcomers make the mistake of thinking there’s some “business in a box” – a “turnkey solution” that will help them plug something in and suddenly the money starts flooding in.

It’s not your fault – savvy marketers name their products like this to get your guard down, and buy from them.

But in reality, this is going to be a thorough, lengthy process that is very rewarding if you approach it this way. It’s those who expect instant results from little or no work, who get frustrated, angry and disappointed about internet marketing.

Internet marketing is really no different from any other career path. You have to put in the time – first in college to learn the ropes. Then you take on an entry-level position and have to be promoted.

Why don’t more people realize that Internet marketing is the same? You have to put time – not just into taking action – but into learning the best ways to do things!

Then you have to have time to earn trust and loyalty from your subscribers and readers, from potential partners, and even from that have their eye on your internet marketing site as a potential ‘authority .’


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