Is There a Link Between Disorganization and Anxiety?

The feelings of feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to face your day often begin from not knowing where to start or not wanting to face the pile of tasks that are in front of you.

The medical profession has concluded there is a correlation between constant feelings of disorganization and feelings of anxiety and stress and even depression.

They believe the evidence shows this to be the case, because of the anxious helpless feelings exhibited by people who struggle daily with disorganized chaos.

Family doctors are very aware of the relationship between stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of not being in control.

How Your Environment Affects You

There have been several studies on what effect the environment has on stress levels. A group of women coming from different home environments were studied.

It was discovered that those participants who came from disorganized homes that were full of and chaos were more depressed and fatigued.

These women were found to have a higher level of the stress hormone cortisol than women whose homes were organized and uncluttered and maintained a more planned and restful atmosphere.

Causes Stress

Researchers found that people are not always conscious of the amount of in a room. However, a conscious unawareness does not diminish or block out the effect the has on the subconscious.

They believe that multiple visual objects compete for your brain’s attention and causes stress.

Lack of Organization Causes Brain-drain

Our brain has to work overtime when there are excessive stimuli. It is hard to operate effectively when our focus is taken away from important matters because of distracting clutter, noise and mismanagement.

When this occurs, we live in a state of persistent physical and mental tension.

When this continues over a long period it has a negative impact on our relationships, our work, our and general well-being. Unplanned events and crises are a part of life for everyone, but when that scenario is the norm, without respite, chronic stress will invariably result.

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Day to Day, Every Day

The depression and stress felt by some people can begin to overwhelm them as soon as they get out of bed each day. A disorganized household, full of disorder and clutter has them unable to cope before the day has even started.

With the confusion and bedlam that is occurring around them, they just don’t want to face the rest of the day.

Coping with crying uncooperative children, attempting to get them to school on time takes its toll. It’s a struggle to find the time to do everything that needs to be done.

The mountain of dishes, the pile of laundry has to be tackled at some point.

They really don’t want to come home to them after a gruelling day at work. By the time they leave the house they are mentally exhausted.

Stress levels are out of sight, and resentment at their predicament often ruins the rest of their day.

There are very few peaceful, pleasant times in the lives of people whose work environments are as disorganized and demanding as their cluttered home situations. Depression and stress then become a chronic condition that often leads to more serious problems.

Can Stress Affect Eating Habits?

In the Journal Psychological Science, it was reported that a study found a correlation between a cluttered environment and unhealthy eating habits. Researchers found that people who worked in a neatly organized place were twice more likely to choose a piece of fruit over junk food than those who worked in a cluttered environment.

It further supported the understanding that clutter and disorganization are stressful for the brain.

The conclusion was that you are more likely to choose unhealthy comfort food if you work in chaotic settings.

There are many books and internet resources about organization and time management. If these are issues for you, start researching one today! Its never too soon to start, and in just 15 minutes a day, organizing your home can make you start to feel better fast!

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