Here Is Why Is Doing Keyword Research With Market Samurai Is Vital

   First, you should understand that the most important thing that you can do when internet marketing, is to be using the right the keywords and search phrases that you use in putting your content or sales pages together.

Ultimately, it is the keywords that you choose which will attract the right readers… ie. potential customers, for your targeted market. Chosen right, they also will enable you to attract the persons who are most likely interested in purchasing that particular product. BUT, first this means that you must be doing your keyword research correctly. Because if you don’t, you will  end up doing a lot of work and getting very little results, and I personally have experienced this

I have owned Market Samurai for years, and it is one of the few internet marketing tools that are being constantly updated. These are people with integrity who stand behind their product!

[contentbox width=”500″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”none” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”F5F599″ radius=”0″]Hint #1. The keywords you choose will also determine how the search engines rank your website and articles


So, What is Market Samurai and What Does it Do?

In its most basic form, it is the ultimate keyword and niche .

But it’s also includes a complete toolbox,  which are broken down into separate, yet integrated, modules that have been built into this software program which stores the information on on your own personal computer and not on someone else’s server.  This way, you can save your own projects safely within the system for when you have to return to it later. This is good because so many others on the market are solely internet based. And I find that reassuring.

With Market Samurai you can easily organize your and find the right filters to select the keyword or search phrases that you’re searching for.This way you will find the most potentially profitable keywords that will allow you to rank highly in the search engines in the shortest amount of time.

Market Samurai Modules

 Keyword Research Module – This is the main module and provides a wealth of information about keywords, including the estimated SEO traffic, along with the estimated AdWords traffic, Both are important to understand if you want to know if your keyword is a lookie loo, or buyer, keyword.

It also shows the data results for the , SEO and PPC competition, estimates the keyword commercial viability, it’s SEO and Adwords value, and it allows you to filter individual keywords by part, or all of this information.

It’s very easy to select individual keywords from your main keyword search and research them in a separate tab.

Keyword Competition Module – This module gives you the breakdown from the first page of search results in Google (remember that Google gets around 80% of all searches) for your keyword, along with the your competitions data, such asthe  PageRank, the age,  types and amount of back links, keyword metrics and cache info.

The competitiveness of keyword results is indicated by colors – green to red – easiest to hardest – for each keyword data value.

[contentbox width=”500″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”none” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”F5F599″ radius=”0″]Hint #2: Use Market Samurai in conjunction with Google’s keyword tool to dig down into those keywords even deeper



Rank Tracker Module – With this module you can track an unlimited number of domains and unlimited number of keywords – up to top 1000 results per SERP. It tracks the position in the SERPs,  including broad keyword match, phrase and exact match keyword, their PageRank, and backlinks.

The information for each keyword, and url is displayed along with its history data.

Domains Module– Helps you to find and suggests available domains for relevant keywords

Monetization Module – Finds affiliate offers from your chosen keywords for products you can promote from a number of affiliate networks

Find Content Module – This finds you great content that suits your keyword, helping you come up with content ideas

Publish Content Module – You can directly post any content you find directly to your blogs from Market Samurai

Promotion – Helps you find many different back link opportunities, also tells you their PR, and if they are follow or no follow links.

[contentbox width=”500″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”none” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”F5F599″ radius=”0″]Hint #3: Use Market Samurai to find medium to low keyword searches. These niches are easier to break into and the total searches add up quickly


Market Samurai Review Video

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What are the Negatives About Market Samurai?

As much as I like it, I will admit there is a bit of slowness of the software with handling big amounts of data, especially on slower computers. I think speed is something they need to improve upon. But hey, I just get it up and running and then go check my email or catch up on the news for a minute.

If you’re on the fence wondering whether or not Market Samurai is right for you, you don’t have to sit around and guess. You can try it for FREE for 12 days, to see if you like it.

Market Samurai Will Become The Essential Program In Your Internet Marketing Toolbox For Years To Come!


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