Marketing through email

Marketing Through Email &#8211; What is It and Why Does It Matter?</h2>

Whether your business is brick and mortar or virtual, you need a tribe to sell to. Connecting with and engaging the ones you have are very important aspects of a business.

Social media is an effective way to shout out about your business, but there is no guarantee that you won’t be cut off from that pipeline should your social media platform pull the plug. Capturing email addresses ensures you have access to your clients anytime you want to connect.

is an excellent way to:

  • Offer freebies
  • Establish rapport
  • Share valuable information
  • Keep conversations going
  • Make offers and upsell

You may already know the value of but have no clear plan for how to manage it. There are simple ways to manage your and send the right information at the right time. With a bit of planning, you can:

  • Establish rapport with new and existing customers
  • Keep your tribe informed about current and timeless offers
  • Reduce the number of hours you spend working on marketing
  • Create one-and-done email marketing funnels

Note: These appealing aspects of email marketing make it possible for any business owner to work smarter rather than harder – which is an optimal goal.

Knowing what to send and when to send it is key to creating an effective email marketing campaign. Generally, a pre-planned marketing strategy is ideal.

Developing an annual plan once per year is an effective way to create a structure for the year’s emails. With a core strategy in place, additional email broadcasts and promotions can be added to the overall annual plan with ease.

So, what information is best suited for an effective email marketing strategy?

Here’s a shortlist:

  • Free information that educates or entices customers to connect or buy
  • Current news about your business and any special offers
  • Information and products associated with the calendar year
  • Corresponding or other products that can be sold alongside their purchases
  • And more…

Marketing through email is an easy way to engage your customers anytime without being salesy or intrusive. An effective marketing strategy creates a comfortable and reciprocating relationship that builds over time and creates enduring relationships that last.

With some pre-planning and solid content, you can sell a product 24 hours a day and reduce the amount of time you spend working on and in your business.

Establishing rapport with your email list

Can We Be Friends? Establishing a Rapport with Your List

Selling should never be a one-and-done exchange. The ultimate goal in any business -from selling hamburgers to coaching packages – should be repeated business over the course of time.

Brand loyalty isn’t just for Coke and Pepsi.

When you provide high-quality , your customers will have you top of mind when they need the goods or services you provide.

An email address is an open invitation to connect. By sharing their email with you, your customers are agreeing to engage in a two-way conversation about your business, the information you think has value for them, and products you know will improve their lives.

Email isn’t a shout out into the dark, it is a targeted message sent to a specific audience that lives, breathes, and buys.

While email isn’t as intimate as a phone call or face-to-face meeting, it is as close as you can come. Email is all about rapport and building a sort of friendship that ensures people want to buy from you rather than from a stranger.

The more personal you appear, the closer your audience leans in to “hear” what you have to say.

Though you may have the heart to be as personal as you can with your entire list, the bigger it gets, the harder that is to do. Being able to personalize every email can seem tricky until you learn some tips.

Did you know?

  • Emails can be automated to a first-name basis for every customer
  • You can sort emails into lists, so you send highly personalized info to the right customer
  • You can be alerted when a customer replies to an email, so you can provide high-quality responses to them
  • You can be as little or as highly involved in the email information as you want to be
  • Email automation can be very personable despite being designed for the masses

Establishing rapport with your customers isn’t hard. It’s all about doing what you would normally do, on a broader scale. Being open, friendly, honest, and human is all you need to build a reciprocating relationship. Here are some tips for building rapport through email:

Share something about your day- Sending a daily email is one way to share a funny thing that happened or an anecdote that helps your potential customer avoid a tragedy or improve their lives. The more they relate to you, the closer they connect with your business.

Show you care- If something happens in the world or in the arena you represent, show you care by sending an email with your thoughts on the matter. If something significant is happening in the world, connect with your tribe and show you care.

Be authentic- No matter what you share, do it the way you do all things. Be sure that how you engage your tribe is how they would find you if you met face-to-face.

If you’re funny, use humor. If you are a sports nut, share your love of all things sports. People buy from those they feel they know, like, and trust.

It’s unlikely that you can be literal friends with everyone on your email marketing list, but you can be friendly and accessible to those who go out of their way to connect. Being open, honest, and helpful is an excellent way to use your email marketing to build enduring relationships.

Tips for Mapping Out an Effective Marketing Strategy

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Tips for Mapping Out an Effective Marketing Strategy a Year at a Time

Working smart, not hard is optimal. Knowing where to put effort and when is what helps businesses stay on the path to . Grinding out long, drawn-out email campaigns isn’t an effective way to market.

Spending your valuable time crafting emails while glued to your computer doesn’t leave time to manage the other aspects of your business.

The key to creating an effective marketing strategy is to pre-plan as much of your email marketing a year in advance and use automation to manage the bulk of the work the rest of the year. Here’s how:

Tip #1. Strategic Planning– Once per year, sit down with a calendar and mark off the following:

  • Your personal vacation, time off, and important dates you are unavailable for work
  • Important dates that directly impact your area of business
  • Holidays that make sense for you to connect with customers
  • Natural cycles for your sales

Once you are aware of the rhythm of the year, start to make a game plan for your email marketing.

Tip #2. Find an automation platform– There are many automation platforms out there for email. Depending on the type of business you own, you can choose the platform that has the features you need for your business.

Tip #3. Do batching– Batching is a simple way to create content and emails once and drip them through automation over time. From starting a correspondence with a new customer no matter when they sign up, to pre-planning part of your content for the year, doing it at the beginning of the year and washing your hands of it frees you up for other important business tasks.

Tip #4. Designate emails into your weekly planning- Despite pre-planning and dripping out important emails, there is still day-to-day work to be done. Schedule time in your week to answer correspondence and create timely email broadcasts that keep you connected to current events or share anecdotes from your week. Small amounts of time will make a big impact on an audience that is already used to hearing from you.

Tip #5. Watch your stats– Automated email platforms offer statistics that show vital information about who is reading and when. Be sure to follow the trends and see what is working and what isn’t. You can flex your efforts after reading the valuable feedback.

Taking the time once per year to map out an email strategy is an effective way to work smarter than harder and stay connected to your customers with ease. Follow these tips and watch your engagement soar as well as your sales.

Writing Effective Emails That Sell

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What to Send Your List: Writing Effective Emails That Sell

Understanding email as an effective marketing tool isn’t rocket science. Knowing that email sells goods and services is enough reason to keep at it but knowing what to send your tribe can be tricky.

When to ask, when to engage, and when to offer freebies and sales may feel foreign or like rocket science…

Crafting emails that sell isn’t that hard. The key to a great email is broken down this way:

  • Eye-grabbing subject lines
  • Personalized openings
  • High-quality content
  • Opportunities to buy
  • Links to complimentary offers
  • Asks for connection
  • Personalized closings

Let’s break that down.

Eye-grabbing subject lines- Don’t be glib or misleading but certainly be funny or a bit shocking. The subject line is the key to opening an email. A customer must see the relevance to spending time with your email. Make sure what you use catches their eye and makes them want more.

Personalized openings- Through automation or another system, be sure to have a personalized opening and check for glitches to ensure each email is sent with the first name of the recipient.

High-quality content- Emails should contain high-quality content including, but not limited to, relevant information that solves a problem, links to blog posts, content that is helpful to your customer, or anecdotal information that builds rapport.

Opportunities to buy- Your email should not force goods or services down their throats, but you are in business to sell. Sharing relevant information in a concise manner and making an offer for more is key. Make sure you include live links to sales pages and compelling copy that makes your reader click through.

Links to complementary offers- You may have past products that complement or enhance your customer experience. Find ways to share other goods and services with your tribe – including affiliate offers.

By making your offers over time, someone may pass on the opportunity once – only to say YES and buy another time. You want that option available for them when they are ready.

Ask for connection– As often as you can, ask to connect. Urging your reader to hit reply or drop you a line lets them know you are accessible and ready to connect. It makes a big impact when customers know they can reach out and touch someone close to the action.

Personalized closings- Equally important to a proper hello is a righteous goodbye. Signing off your email with a heartfelt thank you or call to action is a perfect way to increase the know, like, trust factor.

Knowing the benefit of sending an email isn’t the same as knowing what to put into an email. These tips are sure to give you a framework for a well-written email that sells.

Upselling Through Email

Upselling Through Email – It’s All About the Ask

Let’s be clear – email is a marketing tool for sales. It is best practice to build rapport and even friendships when possible, but the goal for the effort is sales.

Unless you have sales, you don’t have a business. That being said, it’s important to sell and upsell via email.

Here are some commonly asked questions about selling and upselling:

Q: What is the difference between selling and upselling?

A: Selling is making an original offer for a targeted item or service. The emphasis is on a specific item or service and the bulk of the marketing is being used to sell that particular item.

Upselling is making an offer for a complimentary item or service that enhances the main item or creates an opportunity for more… more access, more exclusive options, etc.

Q: When should an upsell occur in an email?

A: An upsell should be hinted at early in the email and offered at the end. Usually through a link to another sales page or an explicit offer in the email.

Q: How often should an upsell be offered?

A: Ideally, every time. Creating an opportunity for your tribe to have more, be more, access more, and experience more is always a good thing.

Upselling is all about the ask.

In order to effectively upsell, all you need is an ask. Letting your tribe know that there is more to be had is enticing and can show you just how much they want from you. Consider phrases like this in your emails:

For coaches: If you are excited about XXXX, I want to share my excitement that you can access even more personalized coaching through my limited VIP coaching package. This package includes private access to my resource library and four one-on-one coaching calls per month.

Click here to find out more [Insert link here].

For product sales: Thanks for your purchase of XXXX. I am thrilled that you are part of the tribe who is using XXXX and making life easier. Here is a link to other products that many of our customers find helpful with this product.

If you need any assistance or have any questions about these complimentary products, hit reply and I will be glad to connect.

It’s not hard or inappropriate to ask for a sale or an upsell. Being mindful and respectful is key as well as understanding that you are offering them something they need to make life better.

Be confident in your ask and be ready to connect and further the sales conversation when nee

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