Pay Per Click – PPC Marketing – Tips And Strategies

Most who are tying to sell shovels to the miners – selling ‘how to’ information about internet marketing to newbs – usually mention how much money they are making. What they are often not spelling out very clearly, is how much money they are spending to make that money. I can believe it when they say they are making $20,000 a month, but the odds are they are spending at least 50% or more of that on PPC Marketing – pay per click, or related advertising.

Sure, I’d spend $10,000 to bring in $20,000, but first you need to have that kind of money available. And you have to have a handle on how to invest it wisely.

Here are some PPC Marketing tips and strategies.

Keep Doing Your Keyword Research

It’s not enough to just to do your initial keyword research and let it go at that, even if they are working. You’ve researched and created your campaign, and put together several targeted ad groups. Now you need to track your keyword conversions to see which are giving you the best ROI – Return On Investment.

If you find a certain keyword phrase is converting pretty good, go back to whatever keyword tool you use and see what other variations you can get from it. Then put together more ad groups based on these keywords and give them a try. This is called ‘scalability’, or how you can boost your business. Of course, you only do this with keywords that are converting – making money.

PPC Marketing Tip: Keep researching keywords that are converting!

Which so much focus on staying positive, I’m going to suggest that you look at the negative. One of your PPC strategies should be to weed out . Most people are running their PPC campaigns using the ‘broad match’ option. You may feel that this will broaden your potential audience, but what is also does is weaken your financial position.

For example if you are running a ‘dating’ PPC Marketing campaign, when using the ‘broad match’ option, your ad will show up under Free Dating, Christian dating, Singles Dating, Over 40’s Dating, Gay Dating and so on. So if you want to focus on ‘Over 40’s Dating’ and you want to charge for your service, then Singles, Gay, Free, Christian, etc are your and you don’t want to spend your precious dollars on ads popping up in these categories that won’t convert. So be sure to make a list of negative keywords and put them to use when creating your campaign.

PPC Marketing Tip: Save money by focusing on the negative.

Your Landing Page

You’ve written a fabulous ad that people are responding to, so where are you sending them. Send them directly to a landing page for the keyword that attracted them in the first place. If your PPC campaign is using several keywords, make a separate landing page for each of them. Whatever you do don’t send them to your homepage and make them have to click more. You are guaranteed to lose their attention.

Be sure to land people in the relevant place.


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Your PPC Marketing Strategy should look something like this: (This is Your Homepage) (Your Repair Tools Landing Page) (Your Drill Bits Landing Page) (Your Milwaukee Drill Landing Page) and so on.

PPC Tip: One Offer, One Page

Keyword Your URL

Don’t just try, it is very important to have your keyword in your URL. If you are selling ‘beehives’, don’t register you name as Sam’s Place .com. Make sure to put beehive in the title. Sam’s Beehive If you are specializing in selling ‘green beehives’, then it would be Sam’s Green Beehives So register your dot com address as close to what you are doing as possible. Or at least, if you are Sam’s Beehives .com make sure your landing page is specific, Sam’s

Not only do the search engine like this, it also ads credibility, as your look over your ad and increases your CTR – Click Through Rate.

PPC Marketing Tip: Use Your Display URL To Your Advantage

Use Laser Targeted Keywords

This is another reason to focus on getting rid of negative keywords. By focusing specifically on what people are searching for in your niche, and directing them to a good landing page, you will have a better CTR and, a better quality score, which can lower your PPC cost.

To be successful at PPC marketing, don’t just stop with the PPC tips and PPC strategies you have just read. This article is just an tiny overview of a massive subject. It’s your money and your time, invest it wisely and keep learning.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

Having The Right Keywords Is Very Important.

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