Should You Choose Internet Marketing as a Career?

Everyone has different reasons for choosing Internet marketing as a . Many people email me their stories of “how they got started” and I enjoy reading these because it keeps me connected to my audience.

Working at Home in Different Ways

Everyone has a . Here are a few reasons why people start looking into Internet Marketing that they’ve shared:

  • They are unemployed and teetering on financial devastation.
  • They hate working for somebody else and want to be their own boss.
  • They weren’t ready to retire and want to stay busy.
  • They’re in an abusive relationship and need to develop independent income.
  • They want to have a career with no ceiling for earnings.
  • They want to help supplement the family income with part-time, stay at homework.
  • They have an elderly parent or child and need to stay home for caretaking but earn money, too.

Internet Marketing as a Career

Why Would You Choose Internet Marketing as a Career?

The list goes on and on.

Internet marketing provides a lot of things that are wonderful – , time to explore your passions, and the ability to earn money on your timeline instead of you having to ask a boss for a raise.

But I don’t want you to think it’s one big bed of roses and you’re going to push a red button for instant profits each day. It doesn’t work like that. And you have a LOT of learning to do and a lot of work if you want to succeed.

And don’t believe any of those . Internet marketing takes work. I busted my butt finding a way to make money online and I worked hard at it. I think the first year I only made a few thousand totals. But now I make much more.

The cool thing is, once your earnings start flowing, then you can begin outsourcing some of the tasks to other people and become more of an executive decision-maker and delegation authority of your business than a hands-on worker doing the tasks -unless you want to.

This is a business that you can hand down to your children -if they’re interested in. You can create a family business, or stay solo forever. You have the opportunity to interact with a and make friends all over the world in the process.

It’s a choice that comes with risk, burden, excitement, and rewards – and you’ll fail more than you succeed at first. But like riding a bike, one day you just start going and never look back, so rest assured those days of enjoyment will come to those with drive and determination.

You Get to Be an Expert

Before you start feeling anxious because you’re not an expert – let me explain this concept a little better in regards to Internet marketing.

In everything we seek to learn more about in life, we try to find experts to learn from, correct? We want someone who is on the same journey. We want a diet guru who has been fat before and lost weight or is losing weight – because they will know our struggles. We want financial advisers who have made or are making their own wealth.

We want someone who hasn’t just read about things (because we can do that on our own), but someone who has experienced them or in some way has a vested interest in research and teaching others because they care.

Right now, you may or may not know what niche you want to be in. A niche is a topic, like health or relationships. You can be in a broad niche like health, or narrow it down to weight loss or go even narrower like “weight loss for women.”

Choosing Internet Marketing As A Career Video

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You might already be very passionate about one topic and you came online to learn Internet marketing specifically so that you could share your opinions and insights with a global audience.

But as far as expertise is concerned, keep this in mind – where are you right NOW in your knowledge? It’s above someone else and they’ll look up to you for advice. Even if you’re just on the first rung of the ladder and they haven’t even grabbed a-hold of the ladder yet, it’s you they look to.

They don’t look to the person who already reached the top – because you’re closer to their situation. You’ll hopefully understand them better.

You don’t want someone teaching you Internet marketing who is so big they’re already making infomercials with Tony Robbins and jet setting across the world. Why? Because their solutions might not include how to get things done when you’re working a second job or taking care of a newborn.

It might not explain clearly the things a newbie needs to know because many top marketers have forgotten what it was like to not know what something as basic as a blog is or an autoresponder.

Internet Marketing as a Career Choice

Oh sure, we’ll get some of their courses just because we’re so curious about how they manage to make so many millions, but when it comes down to really implementing things, we need a beginner’s step-by-step.

So never be afraid to be honest that you’re starting a journey to learn and share what you learn about a niche topic! That’s what I did with my Internet marketing, and people still find me relatable. It helps that I personally stay in touch with all my newbies and am reachable – because if I shut the door on them, I wouldn’t be connected to their needs anymore.

You might even want to eliminate the word expert from your journey completely, and just call yourself a guide. You can be a guide early on – researching, sharing with others – that’s leading.

“Well, why can’t they just find the information themselves if they want it?” Well, they could. But most people like to find someone who has done the work for them and who they find trustworthy in sharing it with them. Many people hate surfing from site to site, not knowing who to believe.

They don’t have time or patience for that, either. They would much rather find out about this person who is a good leader and follow them, letting them hand feed them advice on a topic.

Advice is something people crave.

We go to counselors. We ask about other people’s opinions online. We want camaraderie with our discussions. It’s like most people can’t be satisfied with their own findings and opinions – they want something or someone to validate their beliefs.

That means most people have an idea of what they want to hear – and sometimes you’ll be the right person to validate them and sometimes you won’t. So don’t expect to be everybody’s expert or leader.

You will have people tell you that you’re not right. But what’s true about that statement is that you’re not right for them. There’s an audience out there waiting to be led by you –all you have to do is share ideas and information in a way that you enjoy and see who it attracts!

It takes a strong individual to succeed in this career choice. I’ve seen many people give up and go back to the 9-5 grind, and many people take off and soar. It wasn’t because the person who failed didn’t have the same skills. It was because they didn’t have the same heart and determination it takes to win with this opportunity.

Now let’s see if you have the heart for Internet Marketing

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