The Psychology of Online Sales

Want to sell more online?

Then you need to understand why people would want to buy from you.

Sales is all about psychology: it is about understanding the desires of the audience you are selling to and then speaking to them in a way that talks directly to those desires.

It’s about getting them into the right frame of mind and capitalizing on that just the right way.

Here are a few tricks to help you sell more based on this understanding.


Contrast can refer to using color to draw the eye and smart utilization of psychological understanding. Another use for contrast, though, is in contrasting two very different price points.

Doing this makes your cheaper item seem extremely valuable, and your more expensive item seems extremely premium!

Incremental Price Increases

Another option is to use two product versions with slightly increasing price points. Let’s say you have a “Basic Package” that costs $20 and then a “premium” version that costs “30.”

Had you tried to sell the item for $30 initially, you may have found that this was too much for many people, who resisted buying from you. $20 is much more reasonable, but now they will want to pay that “small” extra amount to get the most premium experience!


Think of what you’re doing as creating the perfect psychological cocktail! The aim is to pique interest, get the reader wanting to buy, and then create a desire that causes them to take immediate action.

One of the ways you trigger that anxiety is by using scarcity!

BUT! It needs to be for real. Not fake scarcity.

Red Buy Button

Color psychology can have a huge impact on sales.

Did you know that we’re more likely to buy something if the buy button is red?

Again, this is all about creating that anxiety that triggers an impulsive action: red has been shown to elevate our heart rate and thus make us more prone to quick decisions!

Social Proof

Humans are social animals and make many decisions based on what we think everyone else is doing.

By getting testimonials and using statistics, we can not only make a product seem popular (and therefore remove worries that it might not be good) but also make the person feel like they’ll be missing out if they don’t get involved and make a purchase!

Building Your Online Reputation In Marketing

In today’s digital age, online reputation is more important than ever.

Here’s how you can build and maintain a strong online reputation in Marketing:

1. Consistent Branding

  • Understand your brand: Define what it stands for, its core values, and its unique selling proposition.
  • Consistency is key: Ensure consistency in your messaging and visual elements across all marketing channels.

2. Quality Content

  • Create and share high-quality, relevant content.
  • Use a variety of formats: blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, podcasts, etc.

3. Social Media Presence

  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages promptly.
  • Be active: Regularly post updates and share content on your social media platforms.

4. ( Optimization)

  • Use strategies to improve your visibility on .
  • Regularly update your website with fresh, -friendly content.

5. Online Reviews

  • Encourage satisfied to leave positive reviews.
  • Address negative feedback promptly and professionally.

6. Influencer Partnerships

  • Partner with influencers who align with your brand values.
  • Leverage their reach to promote your products or services.

Building an online reputation takes time, but the effort is worth it.

A strong online reputation can help you stand out, attract new customers, and foster customer loyalty.

Should You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

A money-back guarantee is an excellent way to encourage more sales, but there are many considerations when offering this.

The best thing about a money-back guarantee is that it helps your audience to overcome a common objection they might have to buy from you.

They are likely worried that your item won’t be as good as you claim it is, won’t arrive on time, will be faulty… etc.

Offering a money-back guarantee removes the risk of buying something less than perfect. That’s because you effectively say that if the item does not meet or exceed expectations – if it does not fit the description – you will provide a full refund.

There is no RISK.

The great news is that most people will not ask for their money back. This is extremely rare; therefore, you will gain much more than you lose by including it.

The money-back-guarantee also ensures your customers are happy with what you are offering. It means that even if they hate the product, they don’t lose anything, and they get a good experience.

So, they might buy it again!

But there are arguments against offering this online too.

First: never offer money back if the user doesn’t get results. This is too hard to prove, and it effectively means you are “guaranteeing” results, which you can not do. “Change Your Life or Your Money Back” is a spam-like strategy many people will see through.

Another issue, of course, is that when it comes to digital products, in particular, there is nothing to return.

Not only does this mean that people can take advantage of your generous offer and still get to keep the product, but it also draws attention to the fact that you are not offering anything tangible for the money. To begin with, it can call into question the product’s value.

You should therefore think carefully before deciding whether this option is right for you.

If it is not, other ways exist to remove the risk associated with your product and drive more sales.

One is to sell an extremely cheap product first. This shows your audience that your delivery system works and that they can trust transactions through your website.

Another is to provide a free sample. Give away the first 5 pages of your eBook so they can see the production values and quality content.

Easiest System Ever

10 Quick Fire Tips To Boost Online Sales

Want to sell more items online?

Offer a $1 Product.

Selling a $1 product (or a similarly cheap item) is a fantastic way to build trust in your sales system and save buyers’ details. Now you can much more easily convince them to buy something more valuable.

Use Red Buy Buttons

Color psychology dictates that this will increase conversions.

Have a Discount

Discounts let you play with prices but also create a sense of urgency.

Have a Countdown Timer

If you have a countdown timer or a limited supply, adding a countdown timer can create a sense of urgency that will drive more sales.

Tell the Whole Story in Your Headers

People browsing the web have little time to read dense blocks of text. Using headers that tell the entire story makes your content highly skimmable. This can significantly affect the number of people who read it and therefore buy it.

Improve Page Speed

A slow site is driving away customers. Not only does it force them to wait and potentially leave if they are impatient, but it also hurts your SEO, AND it makes your site appear less well-made and thus less trustworthy.

Think About Intent in Your Marketing

Don’t just think about volume when using SEO and other marketing strategies. Target your audience specifically. Moreover, think about the intent ñ ads that target people looking to buy will always be the most successful.

Use a Video

A video on your sales page can make a gigantic impact and drive sales to a massive degree. That’s because a video is naturally highly engaging and can create emotions that lead to sales. Videos also prevent the viewer from needing to work, as they can absorb the content passively.

Research the Competition

If you sell a product or products in a certain niche, you should look at how the competition sells that product.

What is working for them?

Who are you up against?

Persuasion Matters

Persuasion is everything you do from the moment you try to sell. This is extremely important and undervalued!

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