How to Choose the Right Domain Name

If you are looking to create a new , it’s a good idea to first do some research on how to find a great domain name. The domain you choose will be the name of your , and it is called your web address.

This is because your site will use this address to tell people where to go on the internet. You’ll need a great domain name to help people find your when you set up your online presence.

There are plenty of different places to find a domain name for your website. One option is to use your company name as the domain. If you have your business name then you can use that, too.

However, keep in mind that your business name might not be memorable enough to bring in visitors. It might be better to find a domain name that relates to your business and is more memorable.

A lot of companies offer domain registration services. This is a good option for people who aren’t tech-savvy and just need a website without all the bells and whistles.

Most domain services let you buy a domain name, but you might be better off buying a complete website from a company. These companies usually have a large database that contains many different names and businesses that you can choose from.
Plus, you won’t have to pay an outrageous price for only the domain.

Another way to buy a domain is to purchase the URL from a domain reseller. These are people that have all the registered for you at a much lower price.
You will pay the reseller one-time fees for the entire registration. Plus, you will also pay a one-time fee for the hosting of your site. It’s a great alternative to purchasing a domain from an individual.

Once you have found a name for your website, you must find a web host. There are many different hosts that you can go with. Some of them offer you more space for your site, and some give you more bandwidth.

A lot of people like HostMonster because it offers tons of space and bandwidth for the little amount that you pay. If you find a reliable host, you should be able to upload your files in a matter of minutes.

One of the most important tips for finding a great domain name is to try to pick a short one that will be easy to remember.
Your domain name should reflect what your site is about, but it should also be easy to spell. “How’s My Stomach” isn’t a very easy name to remember. If your site is about Stomachs, try “Stuffing My Stomach.” It’s short, catchy, and easy to remember.

Another of the top tips for finding a great domain name is to go with a word that is one of your main keywords. For example, if your site is about cars, try something like “Car Tech”, or ‘best car tech’.

You want the domain to reflect the type of site, but not sound like your site is for car owners only. You can also add a bridge word if you want, but it’ll sound way too generic.

Keep your domain as is, and just add the keywords whenever you post an article or update your blog.

Make sure that the domain name is also relevant. If you have a page about butterflies, doesn’t it make sense to have a domain name about butterflies?
This is why you want to do some research and see what the other sites are about.

When you have found some that are relevant, then you can take the keywords and incorporate them into your domain name.

Do you think all the great domains are already taken?
Think again – do some searching and you’ll be astounded by the possibilities still available.

Here are several tips for getting great :

Use repeating sounds. For example, TerrificTeachingTips, EasyBreezyPeasy, Coca-Cola, etc.

Base your keyword on your major benefit or promise to the website visitor. For example, if you cater to artists, you might use something like MakeYour Art Sell or 30 Days To Masterful Painting.

Take your keyword or and add something to the end, such as…










Examples: BuildYourEmailListQuickly, EasyWeightLossStrategies, LookTenYearsYoungerNow

Add something to the middle of your keyword phrases, such as…

of your



of the

Examples: SellMoreOfYourProducts, GardeningForBeginners

Or add something to the beginning of your keyword or keyword phrases, such as…





how to




Examples: DiscoverBestSuccessTips, HowToRaiseDucks, RealResultsRealFast

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