Here are some Tips on Converting Your Into Sales

You may have the best looking in the world, full of great products and information, but without the right kinds of web traffic, all your efforts to make money in internet marketing will end up for naught unless you can go about Converting Your Web Traffic.

I’m really stressing the point, ‘the right kinds’, of web traffic.

You can easily, and for just a few dollars, get tens of thousands of people to come to your . But if your goal is to get people to click on your adverts and possibly purchase something from you directly or through an affiliate link, you need to think seriously about how you can convert your web traffic into sales.

Now there are plenty of different techniques that people swear by, and depending on your niche, some will work great and some won’t. So here are a few basic tried and true strategies that you may want to look into.

First and foremost, when Converting Your Web Traffic, you need to begin with your website design.

I know it may seem obvious, but if you are not converting traffic into sales, you may need to re-think and redesign you current website. Now for some marketing niches, having a funky, hip, flashy, website will work for you. But it still needs to run smoothly and professionally.

For the most part, make your website pleasing to the eye, keep your content and theme focused. Your goal is to keep your readers involved and draw them even deeper into your website. Do some research on websites that are successful and let them inspire you. Never directly copy.

And don’t overreach.

Many successful websites have been designed by professionals who really know their stuff and may have years of expertise, so until you gain more experience, keep the mantra, K.I.S.S., in mind – Keep It Simple… Stupid is the last word, but you will only feel stupid if you put a lot of effort into your project and then find out that there a quite a few bugs mucking up the works because you overreached your present abilities.

Converting Your Web Traffic – Keep your website focused

While you want to reach as many people as possible, keep your efforts focused on your target audience. That is where your best chances of potential buyers are.

Converting Your Web Traffic – Get your web visitors involved

Encourage feedback. If your site is fairly large, include a search box so they can easily find the information or products they may have come there for. People love polls, find a hot topic of the day or on a subject related to your site.

Start a forum. There are scripts/programs available that are fairly easy to implement, even for noobs. Having a place where like minded people can participate and offer ideas to each other will keep them coming back to your site.

Converting Your Web Traffic – Figure out how to funnel the web traffic on your site.

This has to be very organized. After about 3 or 4 clicks many people will lose interest. So make sure your navigation is direct and precise. If you are selling products have your best seller on the landing page. Use pictures whenever possible and when they click on these have them go directly to the product or article.

Niche Research

To Find ‘Buying Keywords’ Use For Converting Your Web Traffic More Successfully

Converting Your Web Traffic – Creating a call to Action

This means make them an offer, an offer they can’t refuse. ‘Limited’ – either in a time period or just so many, and that’s it. ‘Buy Now’ – don’t wait for them to make up their minds, direct them in what to do. Put your offer in a prominent position. Not at the bottom of your page

Offer a guarantee.

This is very important. In your daily life, you too, are a customer. Do you want reassurance on a particular product that you have purchased? And if they do click on that ‘buy now’ button, make sure it is direct and simple purchase. Make it as easy and painless for the customer as you can.

Finally, make sure you deliver!

Give them everything you promised and even a bit more. People like pleasant surprises.

A happy customer will return.

When putting your website and products together always get the basics down first. Once learned, it gets easier and easier when putting together new projects.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

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