The Internet and Your Keywords Selection

Whether you want to write articles, start up a website or blog, sell products, or just want to deliver information, your Keywords Selection, will play a major role in your internet success or failure.

The critical key factor in understanding how the link between keywords and search engines work in general is this: “If people aren’t searching for it, it doesn’t exist”.

Granted if you have a good budget, and or, a of people to work with, you can create a buzz and get people searching for whatever it is you’re promoting. But that is far, far from the norm. And even then, you and your network, will be working within the framework of Keywords Selection information that the search engines will return to you.

The Right Keywords Selection, Right from the

“Ah, if I had only known then what I know now”. When I first started out doing , I/we would think of catchy phrases and plays on words. We put together really nice sites. Researched color combination’s, fonts, and added good graphics.

We didn’t just rewrite articles; we wanted to be really original and wrote pretty much from scratch, and then submitted them to article directories. We found some affiliate products that we thought would fit what we were doing and added them. And then we waited. And waited. But very few people came to our party, and most of those who came didn’t stay too long.

So, to drum up some interest, we tried doing PPC – Pay Per Click. Fortunately, Google forces you to look up keywords. But still not having a clue, we picked out Keywords Selection, put our bids in and quickly ran through our budget, with very little results. The smartest thing we did do is to stick to our PPC budget and got out when the money ran out.

What kept me from becoming completely discouraged is the fact that many people are making money on the internet. So I made it my quest to find out how they are doing it.

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Internet Real Estate

For all of you who are new to the internet in general, and if you are interested in learning about , here is another critical key of understanding: The good spots are already taken.

The fact is that there are people who have been doing for years, and have become really, really good at it. They can afford to outsource to get projects done. They can afford the money and experiment with Keywords Selection, because they have years of research under their belt.

They know what works and what doesn’t. And if you start entering their financial turf, they can quickly spot a newb and easily muscle them out.

The internet is not a place where the good guys automatically win. It doesn’t care how sincere you are or if you are a nice person. Whether you use the internet to get your ideas out an audience, to seek out information, or to sell products, you are entering a very competitive marketplace.

Now Take A Deep Breath and Relax

There is no reason to be scared or nervous. The odds are you will probably not be very successful at your first internet outing or two. Because no matter how many articles and ebooks you may read, you will learn from falling down, getting back up and doing it better the next time.

Just be sure to ignore those, “I earned $60,000 last month only working 20 hours, and I’ll show you how you can do it to”. This is another thing the so called ‘internet gurus’ have become very experienced at, being able to write good ad copy to suck money out of inexperienced newbs.

In The : Your Keywords Selection

This series of articles will be a guide in learning how to find the right keywords, right from the beginning. It is absolutely essential, that whatever your idea, and before starting any internet project, you understand the importance of selecting the right keywords and that you know how to go about finding them.

It’s really not that hard, and it’s not a ‘secret method’, you just need to learn how to read and research the results.

Using the right Keywords Selection won’t always make you rich right away or that your project will become wildly successful from the get-go. But I guarantee that you will feel encouraged and energized by the results to continue working the internet

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

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