How To Use Webinars To Grow An Email Marketing List

Webinars can go a long way to help you add to your list of email subscribers that you can send your marketing messages to on an on-going basis.

Offering value in a webinar has a snowball effect.  First, it creates trust between the audience and the presenter, and that trust can turn into loyalty.

Once your audience receives something of value, they will become loyal email list members, and result in a long term relationship that can yield the most optimal results and a win-win situation for both parties.

How Webinars Can Help You Grow Your Email Marketing List

When you are running an email marketing campaign there is nothing more important than having a healthy list.  This takes planning, and a well thought out approach in order to gain the most benefits, including, increased open, click through rates and conversions on your offers.

Quality lists are highlight targeted, and responsive to the offers and any information that you send, that is what makes email marketing one of the most effective marketing methods online.

In fact, according to the , is second only to (PPC) with a bountiful $43 for every $1 spent.

Attracting A Targeted Audience with Online Meetings

One of the most essential tasks in email marketing is engaging a well-targeted audience as is relevant to your niche.  Targeted audience respond better to offers and have much more interest in the marketing messages that you send.

For example, it would be unproductive to send a weight loss supplement offers to a home improvement list.
There are many ways to create a targeted list, read on to learn about one of the best options available to anyone in any niche or industry and any type of marketing budget.

The Webinars Factor

One method that has proven itself time and again is the use of webinars to not only attract a targeted audience to your list but, to also establish a rapport with an audience that can yield ongoing positive and profitable relationships for the long term.

Webinars are simply online seminars that with the use of a , such as ClickWebinar or GoToMeeting, allow a presenter to address an unlimited virtual audience on any type of topic.

The Advantages Offered By Webinars

• They attract a targeted audience of leads and prospects.
• They facilitate the presentation of detailed and very complex information in a simple and visual manner.
• Webinars allow presenters to connect with their audience.

How Webinars Grow Email Lists

Webinars can yield optimal results in engaging subscribers to your list, and when you stick with the best practices detailed below you will see results, not only in growing the size of the list but, in generating a high-quality list that will convert, that is guaranteed.

Providing Value Has Multiple Benefits

When you provide people with something valuable, you gain their trust, respect and most importantly, their loyalty.  Make sure the content of your webinar provides such value and you will see the most optimal results.

Consider the problem that your audience has and then create content that will solve it.  For example, in the weight loss niche, one problem to tackle may be “dealing with cravings while losing weight.”

Provide information, and hands-on methods on how to do just that, consider offering online courses.

Be helpful and consider their needs beyond that of your own.  This means to offer value beyond how it will just financially benefit you.

The best way to illustrate this is the example of referring a customer to a competitor when you can’t fulfill their needs.  That is going above and beyond to help them, and this type of relationship marketing is very effective and can be a metaphor for creating content that will be ultra-helpful in a webinar.

Grow Your Email List By Holding A Live Webinar Video


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Establish Your Expertise

Another way to entice subscribers is by making sure the content you deliver in the webinar establishes you as an expert in your niche, one that offers credible and reliable solutions to their problems.  This is just another way that a webinar is useful in creating quality lists.

Multiple Benefits

All of the above has multiple benefits and goes well beyond the initial webinar and the goal of getting opt-ins to your list.  It creates the type of loyalty, trust, and esteem that will make them clamor to open your emails and check out all you have to offer on a long term basis.

This applies to any niche, any business model and all marketing plan no matter the goals.

In fact, trust and loyalty are both essential components in any email marketing campaign, and once you capture that through the initial contact in a webinar setting, you can continue to build on it in the on-going relationship with your list.

Email open rates, click-throughs, and conversions will certainly reflect that trust that is established in the initial contact, and this can be further expanded upon as the email campaign continues.

Connecting Through Personality

Imagine a versus a webinar, where you are actually speaking to your audience with your personal voice?  What a great way to establish a true relationship with leads.

In fact, your own voice can be your best weapon in the marketing arsenal.  Emotion is a powerful marketing tactic, and nothing conveys emotion better than voice.

This type of “personal” introduction into your list lends a more credible approach than a simple squeeze page with an opt-in form and also will help people remember who you are, which can additionally increase open rates among a sea of marketing message emails that many people typically get in their inbox.

Webinars allow you to stand out and connect with your audience, and this will yield a more engaged, receptive and responsive list long after that webinar has ended.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that webinars work to engage a targeted and receptive list of subscribers in email marketing, period.  There is absolutely no better way to connect with a group of people online.

It’s more conducive than social media and squeeze pages.  It may take more time and effort that is for sure, but the rewards are directly in line with the efforts.

There is no doubt that webinars offer a unique and incredibly effective way in online marketing, and they are the ideal method to grow an extremely responsive list for your email marketing.

Be sure to think outside the box when creating webinars, offer more than your competitors and make sure to let your personality and expertise shine through, you will grow trust with your audience and they will be happy to follow you.

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