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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the craft of strategically crafting and publishing targeted, reader-focused words (“copy”) online that get people to take some form of action.

Copywriting is a hard thing to pin down – or everyone would easily know how to do it!

CopyWriting – The Basics

One thing you should understand when writing articles or writing advertising copy on the web is that you don’t write the same exact way as you would for a newspaper or magazine, what to speak of book style writing.

The search engines don’t really seem to care whether you are a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, or author Joe Schmo. They are looking for quality information related to what people are searching for.

More than 27 million pieces of content are shared across the web every single day.

Yet there are basic strategies that are used in marketing across the board that you should be aware of if you are doing any type of website copywriting or advertising.

– The Basics of Website Copywriting

is an acronym used in marketing that is broken down like this:

AAttention – Awareness: Attracting the attention of your potential customer or reader. Customer: “Sounds interesting, I’ll look further.”

IInterest – Increase the customer’s interest by focusing on the product or information’s advantages and benefit’s. Customer: “Do I really need this?”

DDesire – Convince the customers that they actually need this product or information. Customer: ” This will save me time, money, I will be more productive, etc.”.

AAction – Lead the customer to take action and/or purchase the service or product. Or to encourage them to read more of your article. Customer: “I really can make use of this.”

Some also have added another letter – S – to create AIDAS

SSatisfaction – Satisfy your customer. Deliver even more than what you promised. There is no better advertisement than a .

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– Website Copywriting Broken Down Further

1st stage: Getting their Attention. People are literally bombarded by advertising everywhere. So you really need to increase your chances of getting their attention by targeting your audience.

2nd stage: Increasing their Interest. Ok, you’ve got their attention, how do you increase their interest so that they want to get more information on what you are offering?

Here are a couple of 2nd stage considerations:

A. Keep your content/information at a reasonable length, if you overload your readers with too much information they will just blank out and move on. Most often if they are like me, they will scroll down to find out what the price is before reading any more information.

B. Focus on your potential customer and not the product. People are more interested in how the product or information will benefit them. You will capture their attention by describing how it’s going to benefit their body, their lifestyle, their productivity, their health, etc. So concentrate on the product benefits, not just product features.

3rd stage: Desire. Study after study has shown that people will buy a product because of their positive emotions towards the product. In other words, your potential customers’ feelings and emotions are way more important considerations than any logical reasons for purchasing a product. If a person will feel proud to own this product, they will desire to purchase the product.

4th stage: Action. You want them to take action now. Your product just can’t be another can of beans just sitting on the shelf waiting for someone to be in the bean eating mood.

You need to persuade your visitors to take action. You need to create a ‘hook’. A limited time price offer – then make sure you stick to it. Create an exclusive club -maybe only a limited number will be sold. Offer a few quality bonus items – for a limited time.

Don’t cheapen your product or information by going wild with the bonuses. I’ve seen offer supposedly thousands of dollars worth of bonuses when the price for their main product is only $40 or $50. It just looks too crazy and cheapens your focus product.

Be sure to do research on your competition. Study their ads. How would you improve on them?

Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of millions of websites out there and the more you learn and practice the techniques of good website copywriting the better your chances at getting search engine love and better website rankings are.

Here’s To Your Website Copywriting Success!

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