Fire Your Boss and Become An Internet Marketer

Why Become an

Why you might want to start looking into this career? But I want to share with you some of the perks that I enjoy by working from home.

There’s no boss or co-workers.

I can’t even begin to tell you how bad I hated having a boss all those years from the time I started working my first job at a car wash until I walked out on being a manager at a Pizza chain. I hated lots of things about bosses, like the way they took credit for your work or the power trip they’d get on when they scolded you like a child for something ridiculous like going 1 minute over on a break.

Co-workers sometimes panned out well, but I had a lot of gripes with them, too. Some got paid more and did less work. Others did nothing but interrupt your workday with endless chatter. Some just bugged me because they drowned themselves in perfume or left a mess in the break room or complained that my radio was too loud.

Now, I don’t have a boss – I am the boss. I don’t have to ask anyone if I can have off because my son is sick, hoping I don’t get a lecture on missing work. If I do something amazing with my work, I pat myself on the back – no one is stealing credit for what I do. I can shut down the outside world and enjoy not having co-workers. If I want to flip the radio or TV on and have it loud, I can. Or, I can sit and work in peace and quiet.

My income is determined by me, not someone else.

I always hated the talk of money whenever I went searching for a job. It always feels like you’re getting the short end of the stick, doesn’t it? And even if you’re okay with the numbers initially, asking for a raise is something everyone dreads.

Very rarely does an employer just pop into your office with a bonus or notice of a big enough raise to make you say, “Wow!”

But what happens with Internet . I don’t know why, but when you make that first dollar online it’s one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. You’ll be soaring because you did it all on your own and you see that it’s do-able (and therefore repeatable).

I saw my income raise per year, every year. I never know what type of growth I have in store for me! If I don’t do as much work and my income falls, then I don’t have to stress over my boss’s unappreciative nature, but kick myself in the backside for not putting my nose to the grindstone.

This career is really all about that saying, “The world is my oyster.” You can make it anything you want – be a leader, grow your income, gain respect and pursue any niche you can imagine!

I have a flexible schedule.

This can either be a perk or a problem for you. It’s a little of both for me, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. A flexible schedule is so hard to come by in a real job. Ask to work from home and they get very suspicious of you and very rarely give you an okay for it.

But I love how Internet allows me to work when I want to. There have been times when I needed to work night hours. There are days when I need to take off until noon to spend time with a friend.

There are even days when I’m just being lazy and I don’t feel like working. Do you have any idea how enjoyable it is to just flat out state, “I’m not going to work today because I don’t feel like it?”

Well, I can’t even describe it so I’ll let you enjoy that experience when it comes to you. But one day you’ll enjoy wearing your pajamas to work.

Now where this can pose a problem is if you get a little too addicted to not working. I see this happening with people who choose the wrong type of Internet . Primarily, it’s with people who lack passion.

When you wake up excited about what niche you’re in, thrilled to be helping others, you won’t want to not work whenever you have no other obligations and you’re feeling fine. In fact, you might have family members complain that you’re always working!


It’s very satisfying when you find your sweet spot in this career.

Want to head over to the coffee shop? Want to take a few days to visit someone? Just grab your laptop and get connected.

This might sound like a drawback to some, but not if it’s done right.  I make it a point to only check in to handle emergencies – like if someone ordered and couldn’t download their product, I don’t want them waiting to long to get it or they’ll feel ripped off.

You can also hire someone to handle this for you, but I like a real hands-on approach to my business personally. I want to be the point of contact my have.

I also know several people who just like to travel – a lot – so they take their laptop with them and work and see the world. That’s very rewarding for those who have been bitten by the travel bug.

Wondering about the internet marketing field and

I have global relationships.

Living in a small city nestled in the Pacific Northwest along with the fact that I’m a hermit, it’s a tremendous perk to me to make online buddies with people all around the world.

In fact, one person did say that to me. They emailed me and said, “your emails go out to thousands of people, but I know you better than I know my next-door neighbor and I’m on the other side of the world.”

I change people’s lives.

I may not be a doctor or counselor who alters the course of someone’s existence, but I do help change lives. I get emails from people all the time saying they’re finally making money online, and my lessons helped them, and so on.

You can do this in any niche – even a fun niche like gaming, for example – because you’re helping people have a better day by teaching them something they want to know that will provide enjoyment for them.

I get to tap into another side of my personality.

In the offline world, I noticed that that didn’t walk into a room with confidence. I would never speak my opinions.

But online, I get to be the real me. I’m feeling more confident. I’m in my element.

I don’t know why it’s like that for me, but that’s what this career does for me!

No two days are the same.

Here’s something I love. Each day when I wake up I don’t have to sit there repeating the same old boring tasks I’ve been assigned day after day after dreadful day.

I get to decide what I want to do that day. Sure, there are still tasks that I dislike, like all the technical stuff, but I still have the flexibility to some degree. I get to choose what I’ll talk about, which sites I’ll work on, and how I want to share that with everyone.

I also love the never-ending research I get to do! I learn about so many different topics. It’s like continuing my education forever. It wasn’t something I valued before but I love it now.

Make your own list of what you would like about working for yourself from home pursuing Internet marketing. Dig into the emotional perks, the income perks, and the other benefits you’ll enjoy once the business is just the way you want it.

But the harsh reality is that not everyone is cut out for this type of career, and I want to be honest with you about this.

Try it and see if you have the right stuff to become an .

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