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Time to take stock. How is your  working for you? Even if you are successful enough to be making a living through internet marketing, it is always wise to make sure you are on track to continue your success. And if you are still struggling to make your first few dollars here are a few perspectives to consider to make sure you are keeping on track.


Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin.

This is probably the most common error in an Affiliate Marketing Strategy. Its like being a kid in a candy store, there is so much available and it all looks good. And it is true. There is a huge volume of good affiliate product available, and some of the affiliate publishers really have there programs together, providing you with ad copy, keywords, banners, email followups and even contests for the best affiliates.

So why shouldn’t I try selling all these products? Well, the real question is, “why should someone want to buy a product from you?”

The more knowledge you have in a particular field, the better you will understand how that particular market works. You will know what people are looking for and how to give it to them.

So consider mastering one niche at a time.

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Keep Educating Yourself

Now only do you need to put in that extra bit of work in order to stay ahead of the pack, you really need to keep up on top of the ever changing internet marketplace. I’m not saying that you need to buy every new product that comes out, but be sure to visit forums and subscribe to newsletters that you feel offer you the best information. You really need to invest in yourself and put some time in everyday to keep learning.


Consider networking as a vital part of your education. Working with other successful internet marketers is a hands on learning experience. And by collaborating with others, it not only intensifies your creative juices, it also increases your chances of success.

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Resist Always Jumping Into the Hottest Markets

This suggestion comes with several caveats. If it is a subject you know about, by all means, dive into it. Another perspective is that if it is a huge market, maybe I can get in and get a small taste.

And that is also a viable strategy. But consider trying newer products or ones that serve smaller niches. There will be less competition. It will cost you less if you are doing PPC – Pay Per Click, and you will have an easier time ranking for keywords in organic searches.

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Basic Affiliate Marketing Strategy Video

Affiliate marketing is huge! To be successful with affiliate marketing you will need a strategy to successfully make money and create a stream of profit.

We are going to discuss the basics of affiliate marketing here, of course there is more to know, but these tips and strategies will get any off to a good start.

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Setting Goals and Keeping Track

Not only do you need set goals to keep yourself on track, you need to keep track of what is going on. For many of us, this is the boring part of internet marketing. But any successful marketer has tracking systems in place so that they can measure their success and failure rates.

Take advantage of free tracking tools such as Google Analytics and going over your web stats to actually see how came to your site, what pages they clicked on, and how long they stayed, so you will be easily able to see what is your ROI – Return On Investment, and so on.

Being aware of what is going on with your marketing campaign will help you to focus on what is working and what is not.

So don’t put this off. Information is power, and having a complete picture of your marketing campaign can only help you to become better at what you do.

Contrary to all the hype by the “’, there are very few overnight success in internet marketing. Even more important, is staying power. So make sure you have your Affiliate Marketing Strategy in place and keep tweaking them whenever it is necessary.

Be Fearless

Karen Fields

Use This As A Vital Part Of Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

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