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When discussing website stats, most people will say how many ‘hits’ their site has gotten. Hits or pageviews, is the number of times your webpage or pages were visited. Once upon a time that stat was important, it was used to suggest how successful your website was in getting visitors. But today that stat is essentially meaningless. A person can buy and get literally millions of hits on their website.

Another popularly used stat to suggest your website is successful is ‘unique visitors’. But this also means very little if these visitors aren’t exploring the website you have poured your heart and soul into.

Today, with tools such as Google analytics, there are detailed metrics, that can be easily understood, which can be used to determine the actual performance of your website. One very important stat you should be aware of is your .

What does ‘’ mean?

Your Website Bounce Rate essentially measures the number of visitors who landed on your site and then left without giving you even one single click. Ouch!

Why this stat is considered important is because it is taken from the perspective of your visitors: ‘I came, I saw nothing worthwhile, I left”. It tells you the number of visits with just one pageview. Meaning your visitors were not impressed in the slightest. You can easily check the stat which shows you the percentage of people and the amount of time they stayed on your site.

A high bounce rate suggests to the search engines that the entrance page was not relevant to your visitors. This is one of their measuring sticks of quality. Having a lower website bounce rate means better quality, means better search engine placement.

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At What Point Should You Be Concerned About Your Website Bounce Rate?

One important consideration is where a particular is visitor coming from. Since not all of the sources directing visitors to your site are equal, the quality of they are sending will vary. There are differing analysis of what the exact percentages are, but generally anything between a 50% – 75% bounce rate should be a cause for concern. Obviously, anything above that, and you should seriously rethink everything about your web project.

But even with a 75% Website Bounce Rate, don’t start tearing your hair out. Use the information in you analytics to start improving your site. Its not that difficult really, and in less than an hour you can be improving the overall quality of your website.

How To Improve Your Website Bounce Rate – Video

Your Website Is One Big Homepage

One of your analytics stats will tell you where your visitors are coming from, and where they are landing. It is important to remember that many people will not be landing on your homepage on their first visit. They may be coming from an article you wrote that is indexed by the search engines, or from a link from another website which directed them to a webpage with specific information. So, essentially every page on your website or blog is a potential landing page. If you have 10,000 pages, that’s 10,000 landing sites!

It’s not rocket science to suggest that will have a lower website bounce rate, and better conversions if you are doing internet marketing, if you make sure to tailor your ‘landing pages’ to be precisely what the visitor was promised.

To help you understand you your Website bounce rate better, you can get Google Analytics here for free.

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