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Why Should Be An Essential Part of Your Strategy

Almost all website owners will be in constant search of opportunities to build links to their websites.  If they come across any such opportunity they are sure to grab it with both hands.  Let me point out a great opportunity.

The Emergence of :
A new phenomenon in Internet marketing has been the recent emergence of .  Video sites are cropping up by the dozens in order to take advantage of this latest craze.

According to New York Times, 75% of online users watch videos. And according to eMarketer, more than 50% of online traffic is related to videos. So it will be absolutely unimaginable for the wise marketer to neglect this new opportunity.

If you want to gain backlinks to your website, and get tons of free visitors then you need to pay attention to video marketing.  Add video marketing and video submissions to your SEO efforts!

Just a few years ago it was sufficient from SEO perspective to do article submissions and website directory submissions.  But now that is not enough. You also need to target web 2.0 traffic – and for that you have to add social bookmarking and video submissions to your SEO armory.

There is a lot of similarity in video marketing and link building.  You need to adopt the same approach and mindset for both. I n link building, you are on the constant lookout for places from where you can get a few links to your website.  Similarly you should be on the lookout for some great places to submit your videos for maximum exposure.

Video Marketing Simplified:
Let me outline a few important steps to do video marketing and reap .

1. Make a short quality video about your product, service or some topic related to your niche.  The video need not be perfect or absolutely professional. But make sure it is unique, interesting and useful in some way to the viewer.

2. Upload your video to popular video sharing sites like youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo video etc.

3. Include your important keywords in the tags and video description while submitting your video.

4. Don’t forget to include a link to your website in the video description.

5. Social bookmark the video link you just submitted to youtube or any other video site. This can help in more links to you.

6. Find out more such video sites that receive high traffic in order to submit your video to them.

7. Create more videos and repeat the above steps.  You should get better with practice.  In order to save time you can use video distribution services like heyspread or tubemogul.

Advantages of Video Marketing:
The above steps will help you in many ways. Firstly you can gain instant exposure and receive free traffic from these . Secondly you are getting backlinks to your site as you included a link in the video description.

These back links are very important from SEO viewpoint.  That is because most of the video sites have high pagerank and Google values links from such sites.

Another advantage is that you are reaching out to those people who are not interested in reading long articles but would prefer to watch a video.  You are making use of different media and not depending solely on articles.

As you know that in order to remain on top of search engine rankings, you need to utilize all tools and resources at your disposal.  It would be a big mistake if you don’t do so as your competition will then get ahead of you very easily.

So start utilizing video marketing for building back links and getting free traffic.

10 Epic Video Marketing Videos

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Video Marketing – The One They Come Back For

I was sent a link recently to a video that was powerful in the way it presented the idea of going the extra mile for customer in ways that were easy, but unexpected.  I left the viewing of the video inspired and wanting to find new ways to make my own businesses better.

While I was inspired by the video and would willingly send anyone to the site I also discovered this video to be a video marketing strategy for a series of inspiring books and motivational downloads.

The video was the marketing tool.  It was emotive, challenging and powerful, but it was also designed to be the selling tool for the affiliated products. Testimonials after the viewing of the video indicated this video series was an excellent resource and empowered employees to find job satisfaction in serving customers well.

I think the reason I was so taken with the approach was that it was vastly different from most video marketing strategies.

In most cases the video presented is a sales tool telling you why the available products are just what you need.  The videos will provide the testimonials and bits of details that leave you with partial answers to thought provoking questions.

These are key elements in video marketing and they are effective, but the novel approach to giving you a complete and motivational video download was unexpected.

Here’s why I believe this approach works.  The emotive video does not actively sell a product or service.  Because this is true there is no pressure, just the emotional connections associated with the viewing.  Once the video is over the viewer will think of others that would benefit from viewing this feel good motivational video.

The soft sell of the video is literally making it possible for an incredible number of potential buyers to visit the site and find encouragement.

Even if they have no interest in buying the product they will likely keep the link handy to share with others over the long-term and I’m pretty certain there will be some of those that find the motivational material a strong enough reason to make a purchase.

What’s more is that the video is essentially timeless.  The end product could change from time to time, but the video remains the cornerstone of the marketing plan.

And because so many will forward a link to business associates, family and friends the end result is a positive experience even after the viewer understand there is a no-obligation set of products that can be purchased following the viewing.

This is a great example of giving more than you have to, and by doing so you end up with improved traffic and a higher conversion rate.

I think part of the problem with most sales videos is that they often breed distrust from the beginning.  Most people see the sales pitch and watch for the angle they know is coming.

This secondary type of marketing approach takes them off guard it is a simple straightforward story that turns out to be true, emotional, motivating and inspirational.  And that story ties very specifically into the product being sold, but in the end the video stands on its own merit.

Tip: If you would like your video to appear at the end of a competitors video, all you have to do is use the same title tags and keywords that they have used.  Just ensure that you place them in the exact same order as they appear on your competitors video and your video marketing video will be the next one shown after a viewer finishes watching their video!

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