Working From Home - An Overall Picture

This article covers the tips that don’t quite fall into any special categories but are nonetheless useful in helping you achieve a higher level of productivity.

Find a way to unwind after work.

Everyone needs to have an outlet, preferably something constructive.

Stress from our jobs makes live, in general, more difficult, and our jobs more dislikable. This stress builds up unless there is some way to release it.

A good hobby can relieve stress, making it easier to stick with the job. It lowers those “I hate my job” feelings, enabling you to perform your tasks more efficiently.

If your hobby produces some form of product, whether physical or digital, you could also sell it for incidental income.

Put some good music on.

Music calms the wildest beast and the same goes true with a disorganized mind. Science has already proven the calming effects of certain kinds of music. When the opportunity allows for such, pop some earphones on and listen to good music for a change.

It is certainly a welcome change and breaks from the usual office conversations and staccato humming of the office fax machine. Good music is great for clearing your head and helping you concentrate more.

Just make sure that you are not disturbing the person next to you.

He or she may not like your preference of music after all.

Get out of bed before the rest of the world.

Setting your alarm clock at least an hour earlier then everyone else’s is great for getting you to work early in the morning. Apart from keeping you from showing up late, it allows for some time alone in the office.

No phone calls, no one dropping by at your desk and other such things. In other words, you have the office to yourself with virtually no distractions.

Quite obviously, this boosts productivity by allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Do not try to drink or ‘smoke’ your stress away.

Lots of people seek relief from stress by drinking, often to excess. While the infrequent drink with friends is fine and a glass of wine with dinner is nice, drinking to get rid of problems causes more problems in itself.

Alcohol is not the solution to your work stress or any stress for that matter.

Drinking is at its best when done as a social activity with discipline and moderation, at least in terms of the amount consumed.


Perform regular maintenance on all tools and equipment.

Whether you work with socket wrenches or on a computer terminal, you should perform regular maintenance.

Oil hinges.

Dust air inlets and outlets.

Wipe down surfaces.

Run a defragmenter.

Perform full system scans.

Create restore points.

Check for leaks.

Walk around and check if everything’s safe and secure.

Whatever it is that you do for a living there is something you can do to maintain your equipment in good working conditions.

Find out if anything’s expired.

This one applies mostly to those who work in food-related or pharmaceutical jobs. Lots of consumables have expiration dates, and if you don’t go through your inventory regularly, you risk leaving expired items on the shelf for buyers to pick out and buy.

This can lead to a lot of problems, so it is best to check regularly for expired items and to remove them from the shelves or avoid using them.

Check for discrepancies in inventory.

A regular inventory audit can reveal discrepancies in inventory and reported sales volumes. This can lead to investigations into pilferage, shoplifting, or simply bad accounting. Whatever the result may be, there is always something you can do to make it better.

Mix in with the right crowd.

The sad truth is that not everyone works productively. Some just lounge off and get by with the bare minimum. To really help boost your productivity, surround yourself with like-minded people who are really into what they are doing.

If you can, work with people who have the same work habits and styles as you do. Laid-back people are better off working with the same happy-go-lucky crowd. If you are someone who would rather be serious, find someone else who shares this ideal.

This helps sync up your work habits and produces a harmonious relationship with your coworkers.

Perform financial audits.

Aside from possibly discovering embezzlement and pilferages, performing regular financial audits enables you to better understand your business’s performance. Productivity is also about making the most of what you have, and you can’t make the most of what you have if some of it goes missing.

Find time to exercise.

Regular exercise not only keeps your body fit but your mind sharp as well. You already spend eight hours of your life sitting on a chair on the weekdays. Break this routine on the weekends and start getting up more.

No need to build your body here. Just spend one to hours a day at the gym to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

Exercising on the weekend also helps break the monotony of work and helps get rid of the Monday blues when it is time to work again.

Get some well-deserved R & R.

There is a reason why they say “work hard, play harder.” After a rough week at the office, it is best to pat yourself on the back with some good old rest and recreation. Find time to do something you want like watching the football game or firing up the barbecue.

Anything that helps clear your mind for the week ahead is a great thing to do. The main point here is to relax and free yourself from stress and you are going to need it.

So put your feet up and unwind until it is time for work again.


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Get enough sleep.

Staying up all night then going to work the next day is never a good idea. A lack of sleep will most surely decrease your attention span and your ability to concentrate. Of course, this is bad news for productivity.

So instead of being up all night, do not go past your bed-time. It is a bit juvenile but it does help in bringing your brain to work mode the following day. This way, you are not a slave to the coffee machine anymore.

Keep your mind fresh and up to the task and you will soon have better output.

Make yourself comfortable.

It is no secret that comfort brings the mind to a better state where concentration is at its finest. You simply cannot expect someone to come up with a breakthrough in uncomfortable situations. So get an ergonomic chair, wear a sweater vest to keep yourself warm or turn up the air conditioning.

Anything that can be done to make you feel comfortable while working should be done without delay. It is for the best after all.

Stay “electronic.”

If you are a highly mobile worker who spends as much time working on the plane, you are much better off keeping electronic copies of all the files you need. The last thing you need is to shuffle through scores of papers while on a trip.

Keeping soft copies of your paperwork also reduces the weight you have to bring along.

If you must take down notes for a meeting, keep a small notebook handy. Otherwise, everything should be saved in a flash thumb drive.

This may need some getting used to during the first few trips but it is well worth the adjustment you have to go through.

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