Working From Home - Shutting Down For The Day Tips

Your workday does not really end after you finish. As paradoxical as that statement is, there is truth in it. There are things that you can do after completing tasks to improve productivity.

Yes, you may be tired, but try to do these as much as possible.

Put away your tools and equipment.

Technology is what enables in the first place.

You might be using them again as soon as you start the next day, but that is no excuse for leaving them lying about. Putting away your tools and equipment does not just keep them organized, it also makes the work area safer, and in the case of common resources, makes it easy for others to find and use them.

Also, if someone has sticky fingers, putting away your tools can secure them so you don’t lose productivity by trying to search for something which is no longer there.

Shut down your computer.

Some people simply put their computers into sleep mode or let them run overnight with the monitor turned off. Unless you are running some resource-heavy task that requires all night, you should shut down your computer.

Putting a computer into sleep or hibernate mode does not allow it to flush its memory completely, which means that you don’t get off to a fresh start when you turn it on the next day.

A full shutdown means that you can start off from the best possible state because your computer was able to clean itself with the shutdown.

If you need to leave your computer running, turn off the monitor and use an automatic shutdown application.

Sometimes we can’t wait for our computers to complete certain tasks, which is why we sometimes need to leave them running after hours. If you want to do so, make sure you turn off the monitor and set an automatic shutdown. Give your shutdown a little leeway in case the task takes a little longer than expected.

Tidy up your workspace.

When you’re done for the day, make sure to tidy up your workspace. Place papers in folders or envelopes. Pick up bits of trash and throw them into the waste bin.

Wash your coffee mug.

Do what you can to improve the cleanliness and orderliness of your area so you can come in the next day to a neat and conducive workplace.

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Lock it down.

Lock up what you can if it is under your jurisdiction to do so (i.e. you have the keys). Whether it is your desk drawers, a document safe, windows, or doors, you should make sure that they are locked as you leave the workplace.

Security is essential to productivity, as it ensures that you won’t be set back by losses in supplies, equipment, end-products, or vital documents.

Review your work at the end of the day.

More specifically, take time to analyze how you did things afterwards. Maybe there is a more efficient way of finishing your report that you have yet to stumble upon. You will never know if there is a better way of doing things unless you start looking for one.

If there happens to be one, throw out your old habit and adopt a better strategy.

Do not be afraid to try new things especially if it might bring better results or optimize your work process.

You will only thank yourself later.

Pat yourself on the back.

There are times when all you need is some good old encouragement. When you do well enough, your boss or supervisor is bound to take notice and compliment you for a job well done. Who says you cannot do this for yourself?

At the end of a grueling day, why not pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for finishing everything? This kind of self-encouragement is great for your self-confidence as well as your overall well-being.

End your day the same way you started it – in a good mood.

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