Working From Home - What Not To Do Tips

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Just like there are things that you should be doing during your work time, there are also things that you must avoid doing.

This quite obviously includes things labeled as NSFW, but there’s quite a bit more too.

Don’t ‘Play’ During your Work Time.

Unless it is your break time, you should not be doing anything that isn’t part of your work. That means that seeking entertainment, whether online, offline or on mobile devices, is discouraged as these can interfere with your work.

Even if you use them during break time, you risk lowering your productivity should the content get stuck in your head, making you anticipate the next time you can enjoy that entertainment.

Don’t distract yourself.

It’s too easy to get lost in all the stuff that’s online, or on your mobile devices, especially if the company you work for is not very strict about the use of the company Internet bandwidth.

Sooner or later, you end up looking through LOLcats or following the adventures of webcomic characters – unless of course, you have the discipline to stick to what you’re supposed to be doing.

Stay focused on your work, and whatever you do, don’t click that mysterious link!

Don’t let others distract you.

Sometimes the mystical allure of LOLcats and viral videos comes to our attention through no fault of our own. An officemate might send you the link or will be viewing it (and laughing like a loon) when you pass by.

The point is that sometimes distractions are shown to us by other people, and though it is not their intention to make your productivity drop, it ends up doing so.

That’s why you will need to stay on track and avert your eyes. When you’re done with work, then you can amuse yourself to no end, right?

Don’t download and install with abandon.

Practice Internet safety to avoid infection. It’s all too easy to abuse the Internet provided by your office. Downloading programs and the like, you’re basically getting them for free.

Matters of piracy aside, downloading and installing programs downloaded from less-than-reputable sites can introduce viral infections to your terminal. The effects range from unnoticeable to a rapid decline in performance and breakdown.

If you use a computer when working and it breaks down, you lose precious time to the required repairs, and worse, you get busted for downloading and installing things that are not contributive to your work.

Don’t stream videos or download using the company bandwidth.

If you work in a corporate environment that does not apply bandwidth limitations per terminal, then you shouldn’t stream videos or download material from the Web.

Aside from being construable as improper use of company resources, you risk slowing the network down for everyone because of the bandwidth you are consuming.

Don’t visit websites other than reference and work-related websites.

Banning any and all unauthorized websites is difficult in practice for companies, so they would rather apply policies by informing the employees. If you’re one such employee, you should follow those policies and not visit unauthorized websites.

Leave your online shopping, sports news, or titillating images for when you are at home.

Additionally, you should know that some companies monitor the websites you visit via the network nodes, so erasing your browser history usually isn’t of much help.

Being caught simply visiting the wrong can get you fired from your job.

Don’t socialize during work.

One of the biggest distractions during work is socializing with coworkers. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, remember that your main focus should be your job.

Any talks with people in the office should be restricted to work-related topics – not the latest office gossip. Remember that it does not take a lot to ruin your momentum. If you really want to catch up with your coworkers, do so in your own time.

There is always the time after work and the weekend to fulfill all your social needs.

Don’t meet someone out of the blue.

You may not realize it but having a sudden meeting with someone can ruin your productivity and waste your time. Such meetings are only good for interrupting your train of thought and disturbing your concentration.

Next time a coworker drops by at your desk and starts some chit-chat, politely suggest meeting him or her at a time that is convenient to both of you.

You would be surprised to find out how much time you waste in these idle and unimportant chats.

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